WATCH: World’s Tallest Bodybuilder Aaron Reed Is Jacked Beyond Belief

aaron reed

Aaron Reed has an inhuman physique.

Bodybuilders are supposed to be absolutely massive and shredded, it’s the nature of the game. If you’re not making major gains, packing on the muscle mass, and getting huge then what are you really training for? But there are just some individuals that are genetically superior to most other humans. Individuals that can make such incredible gains that they defy humanity. Aaron Reed is one such bodybuilder.

Who is Aaron Reed?


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Aaron Reed is a professional bodybuilder and an ex-WWE wrestler from Tampa, Florida. At 6’7”, he has made a name for himself as he is one of the tallest bodybuilders in the world to ever win a Men’s Physique competition. Born and raised in the small city of Minco, Oklahoma, Aaron began a career in wrestling and bodybuilding.

Aaron Reed went on to have a successful career as a professional wrestler, and as a competitive bodybuilder. He had won the 2001 NPC Mr. Teen Colorado, the 2010 NPC Florida State Super Heavy Weight Champion, and the 2011 NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men’s Physique. Since then, Aaron Reed has become a published author and trainer, and still remains to be a large individual.

At an early age, he was diagnosed with leukemia and had to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Aaron’s lifestyle helped him build a solid foundation and training regimen that lasts somewhere around 2 hours. Similar to Tom Platz, who had the most intensive leg workouts of all time, Aaron likes to aim for a high number of repetitions, usually in the range of 20.

While he may be able to gain massive muscle, the most impressive factor about Aaron Reed is his height. Standing six feet, seven inches tall, he is the rare, incredibly tall bodybuilder with massive size throughout his frame. While many taller bodybuilders have under developed legs, (many said that Arnold Schwarzenegger suffered from this) Aaron Reed has managed to build some pretty powerful and solid wheels, completing his overall physique.

Wrap Up

Take a look at Aaron Reed’s Instagram and get an idea of how impressive this bodybuilder’s physique is.

What are your thoughts on the world’s tallest bodybuilder Is he too tall for the bodybuilding stage? Or does the height help him dominate the competition? Let us know what you think.

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