Every Winner Of The Men’s Physique Division at Mr. Olympia

Men’s Physique winners
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Check out all of the winners for the Men’s Physique division at Mr. Olympia here!

The Mr. Olympia competition has been around for decades, and as fans, we love to see those mass monsters walk the stage and compete at the highest level of bodybuilding, from Dorian Yates to Derek Lunsford, seeing these guys always amazes us. However, pro bodybuilding sought more inclusion, and with more athletes determined to compete at a pro level, they expanded Mr. Olympia into multiple divisions.

In 2013, the Men’s Physique division was born. Prepared for and judged differently, this event tends to focus on the upper body, rather than the legs. That’s why they wear board shorts. Think of the typical “beach body” look. Therefore, competitors’ strong lower body isn’t important in this division.

While the Men’s Open and Classic Physique may get a little more attention, some big names still come out of the Men’s Physique division. Jeremy Buendia dominated this division early on from 2014-2017. But right now, it’s Ryan Terry who bears the title of the Men’s Physique Olympia.

We’ve put together a complete list of winners for the Men’s Physique Olympia division to see which of these athletes have won the top prize. As this event garners great attention, fans wait to see if another repeat will happen or if another winner will stake their claim.

Men’s Physique Olympia Winner

  • Mark Anthony Wingson– 2013
  • Jeremy Buendia– 2014-2017
  • Brandon Hendrickson– 2018
  • Raymont Edmonds– 2019
  • Brandon Hendrickson– 2020-2021
  • Erin Banks – 2022
  • Ryan Terry – 2023

Mark Anthony Wingson- 2013

Mark Anthony Wingson carries a host of wins aside from this Olympia victory, including wins at the Pittsburgh Pro, New York Pro, and Grand Prix LA. He was always in the gym as a child, and around 2011 he started competing, which is when he also earned his pro card. He had help from none other than Jay Cutler, a well-known bodybuilder and four-time Mr. Olympia winner, which helped lead to his victory in 2013 in the Men’s Physique division. He has since gone on to be a coach and social media personality.

Jeremy Buendia- 2014-2017


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Jeremy Buendia is a four-time Olympia champion in this division, winning his first just one year after turning pro. After an injury during football, he took to the gym to build strength and get himself back to form, but he never stopped. This love of lifting carries over into bodybuilding, where he’s taken down some of the greats around him at events like Mr. Olympia, the San Jose Pro, and the Sacramento Pro.

After some personal issues, Buendia took a hiatus from the bodybuilding spotlight as a whole. But, at the 2023 Olympia he returned, bearing an amazing physique with an improved mentality to back it up.

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Brandon Hendrickson- 2018, 2020-2021

Brandon Hendrickson has a similar story to other bodybuilders in that he started casually going to the gym only to realize he loved it. Earning his pro card in 2013, Hendrickson showed no signs of slowing and began winning events like the Tampa Pro and Arnold Classic in the Men’s Physique division. His three wins have put him in a top spot at this event, and as the defending champion, all eyes are on him to see if a repeat will happen.

Raymont Edmonds- 2019

Raymont Edmonds took the title in 2019 after a good start to his career when he first went pro in 2015. He placed high in shows around the country, but this win at Olympia is his most notable. As someone capable of winning again, there will be eyes on him to see if a repeat is possible.

Erin Banks – 2022


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 Erin Banks shocked the Men’s Physique division and took out the former champ (Brandon Hendrickson) for the throne in 2022. Hendrickson finished runner-up.

Ryan Terry


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At the 2023 Olympia, Ryan Terry shocked fans by taking the title home. Ryan Terry is a constant competitor on the Olympia stage, getting as high as a second-place Men’s Physique finish in 2016, always seeming like he was coming up just a bit short. Ryan had also hit at least seventh place every time he participated, including the 2022 Olympia. For the 2023 Olympia, Ryan Terry already had his qualification by winning the New York Pro, and came in ready to go, making sure that he was undoubtedly taking home that title.

Men’s Physique Future

The 2024 Olympia will be returning to Vegas in December! Back in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, it will be a stacked show. Now only six champions have the Men’s Physique title since its opening in 2013. With Ryan Terry as the defending champion, all eyes will be on this event come 2024 to see a repeat or a potentially new champion.

With so much new talent coming into this division, there truly could be a new champ at any point! What do you think the future of the Men’s Physique Division will look like?

Men’s Physique Wrap Up

The Men’s Physique division at Mr. Olympia is always an entertaining event for what it brings to the sport. Still, a relatively young category, plenty more athletes are bound to come to this division to test their physiques against other pros. With Mr. Olympia as a premiere and storied event in pro bodybuilding, the Men’s Physique division only adds to the action of such an event.

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