William Bonac Not Taking Oral Steroids During Arnold Classic Prep To Protect Inflamed Kidneys

William Bonac

William Bonac is “taking measures” for his inflamed kidneys during his prep for the upcoming Arnold Classic.

William Bonac had high hopes entering the 2022 Olympia but finished ninth at the show. Now, he is preparing for the Arnold Classic but has some hurdles to battle first. During a recent interview, Bonac shared some information on kidneys issues that he has been having.

Bonac is not a stranger to Columbus. He is a two-time champ at the Arnold with the most recent victory coming in 2020. Last season, Bonac finished third and was able to come back and win the Boston Pro the next week.

Bonac puts together incredible plans during prep and it usually shows on stage. Recently, he has been dealing with different issues and was able to break it down during an appearance on Muscular Development Magazine’s YouTube page.

William Bonac Not Taking Oral Steroids To Protect Kidneys

William Bonac did not turn in his best performance during the Olympia and shared that he was concerned about a blood test following the event. Bonac has been dealing with inflamed kidneys and they require medicine.

“I didn’t even plan to do the Arnold Classic. I was so in belief of myself that I would do well at the Olympia, that I’d at least be in the top five and that I could sit a year out and prepare myself for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, but it didn’t work out that way. And I still didn’t want to do it because I had my blood check done.”

William Bonac received medicine for his kidneys after finding out they were inflamed. At this time, he is not taking the medication because it would not mix well with his current cycle. Also, Bonac has stopped taking oral steroids to protect his kidneys.

“I’m not even taking orals. Yes, no orals. Just to save myself and not to make it worse.

To my surprise, everything was okay. A little bit of inflammation in my kidneys. I have to take measurements for that. I have some medicine to take but I can’t take it right now because I’m in prep because it goes against each other.”


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Despite his struggles at the Olympia, William Bonac is going into the Arnold confident and looking to take home another title.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow. You understand. It kind of demotivates you but you have to get over it and keep going on. And that’s what I’m doing right now. I don’t stress myself anymore. Of course, I’m going there to win it.”

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