With Absolutely Massive Wheels, Branch Chen is the New Quadzilla!

Branch Chen has some massive quads!

In the current landscape of bodybuilding, there are a ton of great competitors, each of with their own strong features. For years now, legs have been an all important feature that helps a bodybuilder stand out among the talented competitors on the circuit. One such individual that has been showing some true promise is the Chinese bodybuilder Branch Chen.

With some massive legs of his own, Branch Chen is proving to be the next big thing in regards to his monstrous quads. At this point it’s safe to say that Branch Chen could be on his way to being dubbed the next “Quadzilla” like Tom Platz and Branch Warren before him.


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Quadzilla ? – Follow ? @simplyshredded Feat: @branch2015 ?? – #legday #bodybuilding #simplyshredded

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better than yesterday~

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With an affinity for training legs, Branch Chen is looking to take on the Classic Physique division and bring a new package to the stage that can rival that of Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, and George Peterson III. Branch Chen bringing some mind boggling legs to the stage could prove to be the element he needs to truly draw some eyes and make himself standout in the Classic Physique division.


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maybe i should skip leg day?

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What do you think of Branch Chen and his crazy leg development?

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