Strong With Singh: The Ultimate Muscle Building Journey With Yatinder Singh

This pro body builder has great tips and tricks to get you huge. Plus, his 6-video series has workouts for each day of the week for all your muscle building goals.

Achieving a muscular body is a dream for many. However, one of the basic problems people face is lack of knowledge with regards to what kind of workout shall be followed in order to achieve the goal. The journey cannot be achieved in just a few days. It takes lot of patience, dedication and consistency. Now, it may be difficult to stay on track, especially with our schedules thrown out of whack, or limited access to a gym, but it is important to make the effort. While that muscular body may be a dream for many people, it is also a reality for many people, proving it is in fact possible to achieve this. Pro bodybuilder Yatinder Singh has the remedy to help you make this your reality.

Sometimes the issue lies with knowing just what to do to further our progress and knowing the right exercises to perform and on what days can be a huge boost for those who seem lost. This is where taking notes from the pros can come in handy, for they are living proof of just what hard work and dedication means. Plus, their knowledge on these topics are from their own research and working with top coaches and trainers in the world, for being at the top of the bodybuilding circuit requires more than just going to the gym. It’s a lifestyle.

Yatinder Singh

Lots of people complain about working hard in gym every day, but they are unable to gain muscle mass. They have to understand that workouts depend on so many factors which have incredible influence on your results.

Such factors include:

  • Weight selection: Increasing in weight is essential for muscle growth and strength building, but doing this wisely is the key.
  • Repetition Range: Work the muscles just the right amount so they grow without overtraining.
  • Range of Motion: Really get all you can out of your muscles without sacrificing mobility.
  • Selection of Exercises: Choosing the right exercises can cause muscle confusion which changes your workouts.
  • Technique of Performing: Form is key and without proper form, you aren’t maximizing your workouts efficiently.

All of these factors, as well as others, can be easily understood with the right guidance and Yatinder Singh is one to certainly take notes from.

Yatinder Singh

About Yatinder Singh

Yatinder Singh is an Indian Pro bodybuilder, as well as an entrepreneur and fitness icon, who has taken India by storm with his social media and mass following. With more than 2 million subscribers, his YouTube channel is dedicated to those who are looking to start their fitness journey or are already into it. The sole purpose of this channel is to reach the maximum amount of people as possible and share his knowledge as best he can so others can thrive. Being a part of the fitness world for nearly 20 years, Singh feels a responsibility to contribute what he knows to others so they too can see great success with their health and fitness goals.

Yatinder Singh

Muscle Building Journey: Six-Part Video Series

Singh recently launched a new Muscle Building Series on his YouTube channel with 6 videos each dedicated to a separate day. If you are currently on your muscle building journey and want a change, or if you have yet to start your journey, this channel is one to check out.

With daily workouts, Singh walks you through what muscle groups should be trained on what days, how to correctly perform each exercise to stay physically healthy and strong overall, and even the number of the sets and reps to ensure you get the most efficient workout without the fear of overtraining. On top of everything, Singh offers his helpful tips which are useful for you as you embark on this muscle building journey.

Muscle Building Day 1: Chest and Abs

Muscle Building Day 2: Biceps and Traps

Muscle Building Day 3: Legs

Muscle Building Day 4: Shoulder and Abs

Muscle Building Day 5: Back, Lats and Biceps

Muscle Building Day 6: Triceps and Hamstrings

Yatinder Singh E-Book On Muscle Building

While this series is definitely something to check out, Singh also has an E-book which is super helpful for you as well. The book is on his website and is titled “Road to Muscle Building – 12 Weeks Training and Diet Secret”. This E-book has been written by Singh on the basis of his entire experience over his 20+ year career. Within this book you’ll find 12 weeks of diet and training programs, 2 workout schedules where one is followed for the first 6 weeks and the other for the next 6 weeks, and a diet plan which includes options for all diets and is scheduled around morning and evening workout schedules. Similar to the video series, the E-book offers personal suggestions and helpful tips to help you get started and maintain your journey to muscle building success.

Check out his E-book “Road to Muscle Building – 12 Weeks Training and Diet Secret” here!

Wrap Up

Yatinder Singh is a pro bodybuilder who certainly knows just what it takes to succeed in the highest level of the sport. With 20+ years in the health and fitness industry, he has amassed knowledge that he now seeks to share with others so they too can thrive with their own personal health and fitness goals. Knowing how to start and the right steps to take can be challenging and is often a deterrent for those who want that desired physique and for those who have it. Through this Muscle Building video series, as well as his E-book, Singh offers helpful tips and advice to get you started and guide you along the way as you embark on your muscle building journey. Get strong with Singh today and check out these amazing resources to see your desired physique become a reality.

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