Name: Zac Aynsley

Nickname: Mr. Biceps

Division: Men’s Physique

Birth date: 7/2/1994

Height: 6′

Competition Weight: 185-195 lbs



Youth & Bullying

Zac Aynsley was born on July 2, 1994 in Northumberland, England. Growing up, Zac was never an athletic kid, and his eating regimen was very undesirable, which comprised of desserts and processed foods. Due to his undesirable dietary patterns, Zac was underweight, and would regularly get negative remarks from his classmates who scorned him for his looks. His entire life he was bullied and called a loser. Being the victim of bullying led him to suffer from panic attacks often. This caused a deep level of stress in his day to day life.

During that time, Zac wasn’t truly pleasing to the eye. During his free time, he would play video games to keep his mind off of the harsh reality of his life. At some point, he got a proposition from a friend to turn into a DJ. This immediately made Zac intrigued, and he quickly chose to give it a shot to change his repetitive way of life.

DJ Life and Liver Problem

At just 15 years old, Zac began DJing for nearby clubs and quickly became popular. He began acquiring a bit of additional cash, and was also increasing positive attention from the individuals around him, which caused him to feel better and confident in himself as time went on. It long before he was offered to partake in a wide range of occasions outside his old neighborhood. He then started touring the country.

Despite the fact that he was becoming successful during his career as a DJ, Zac needed to get back to complete college. At the point when he returned to Northumberland, Zac was probably in the worst shape of his life. As a result of all the celebrating and unhealthy habits he developed during his visiting and late night way of life, he turned out to be incredibly unhealthy.

He went to doctors to have his blood checked, and it turned out his internal organs were breaking down because of his party lifestyle. Specifically, according to Zac, the doctor claimed he had the liver of a 50 year old. He needed to change something about his health habits fast.

Discovering Bodybuilding

Zac saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s photos and videos, which gave him extra inspiration to begin training and work on his health.

He got a gym membership and went to work. He was committed to the gym and his new way of life. Zac ensured his eating routine had enough calories and supplements to recoup the body, which was something new to Zac. After just half a month, Zac was at that point seeing improvement with his physical make-up, and could hardly imagine how he was getting greater and more grounded.

Zac was totally hooked to his new way of life and continued to work harder than before.

The World of Modeling

Through his newfound bodybuilding lifestyle, Zac managed to sculpt his physique into an impressive aesthetic. His physique started garnering attention. Eventually he was contacted by Florida’s top photographers for a  photo-shoot. This elevated his career to the next level. He flew to Florida for the photo-shoot.

After the photoshoot got his physique into the wider public, his life completely changed. He started receiving recognition from the most influential people in the fitness industry.

Shortly after that, Zac became an internet sensation after uploading a video showcasing his transformation. He built up a following on social media and has since become a popular presence and influencer voicing his opinions about the current world of fitness and bodybuilding. He has been featured in over 10 TV shows and donned dozens of magazine covers and billboards. Most recently, he was featured with a photoshoot and spread on GQ magazine.

Zac uses his platform to speak out against his past struggles with being a victim of bullying and hopes to make a change in the world through positive action. In 2018, he signed with Generation Iron Management which has helped him bridge the gap between fitness and the wider entertainment industry.


Because of Zac’s fast metabolism, he has to work twice as hard as the next bodybuilder. Because of this, he does not do cardio often. However, he will do more cardio a few times a week to better prepare for a competition.

He does a lot of short and intense training. In these trainings he incorporates a lot of heavy weights, volume, and short rest periods between sets.

Zac’s favorite exercise is are the biceps curls with a barbell. To many, he is known as Mr. Biceps because of his incredible arm development.

He also enjoys doing skull-crushers, triceps cable push-downs, close-grip bench press, inclined bench press, and squats.


According to Zac Aynsley, he eats between 3,200-4,200 calories a day. The wide range in fluctuation is due to wether or not he is bulking or cutting.

You can see a sample breakdown of Zac’s diet below.

Meal 1: 3 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, half cup oatmeal, 2 cups milk, 1 banana,

Meal 2: 5oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato, 1 banana, 2 slices whole grain bread

Meal 3: 5oz chicken, half cup brown rice, 1 piece of fruit, salad

Meal 4: 3 egg whites, half cup oatmeal, 1 apple, 5oz fish, 2 cups vegetables

Meal 5: 1 apple, 8oz yogurt, half cup cottage cheese, 1 scoop Protein shake

6th Pre workout: Protein shake, brown rice

Post Workout: Protein shake, white potato, L-Glumatine

Meal 7: 5oz steak, 1 egg whites, 4oz sweet potato, 2 BCAA pills

Meal 8: Casein protein shake

Greg Patuto
Greg has covered the four major sports for six years and has been featured on sites such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, SB Nation,, and FanSided. Now, he is transitioning into the world of bodybuilding and strength sports.