2023 Australia’s Strongest Man And Woman Results


Josh Patacca and Nicole Genrich were victorious during the 2023 Australia’s Strongest Man and Strongest Woman event!

The 2023 Australia’s Strongest Man and Strongest Woman competitions took place over the weekend in Melbourne, Australia. There were a total of 20 competitors spread across both genders (11 men, 9 women) fighting for titles.

On the men’s side, Josh Patacca was able to claim victory ahead of second-place Ryan Rullis. Nicole Genrich ran away from the competition on the women’s side, finishing 11 points better than Megan Clark. The action was nonstop all weekend as athletes gave all they had over the course of two days.

Below, check out the full results from the two-day event, testing the strength of some elite Strongmen and Strongwomen in the world.

Josh Patacca

2023 Australia’s Strongest Man Results

Patacca was able to finish 9.5 points ahead of the rest of the competition. The space along the top three had each competitor comfortably in position. Rullis was able to come in eight points ahead of Macauley Tinker.

  • First Place – Josh Patacca (76.5 points)
  • Second Place – Ryan Rullis (67 points)
  • Third Place – Macauley Tinker (59 points)
  • Fourth Place – Jordan Osborne (57.5 points)
  • Fifth Place – Sean Gillen (51.5 points)
  • Sixth Place – Aidan Canini (46.5 points)
  • Seventh Place – Hank Theunissen (46 points)
  • Eighth Place – Dylan Lockard (36.5 points)
  • Ninth Place – Jihad El Masri (35 points)
  • 10th Place – Maximus McCall (21.5 points)
  • 11th Place – Nathan Woods (9 points)

2023 Australia’s Strongest Woman Results

Genrich was able to put herself in a position to win early. She finished 11 points ahead of Clark while Nichole Wight came in third place.

  • First Place – Nicole Genrich (62.5 points)
  • Second Place – Megan Clark (51.5 points)
  • Third Place – Nichole Wight (45.5 points)
  • Fourth Place – Rebekah Chessum (43 points)
  • Fifth Place – Katie Blunden (39.5 points)
  • Sixth Place – Ari Mann (34.5 points)
  • Seventh Place – Camilla Fogagnolo (29.5 points)
  • Eighth Place – Joe Kimitaunga (29 points)
  • Ninth Place – Elly Smith (21 points)

There was a total of eight events for both divisions spread across two days:

The 2023 World’s Strongest Man competition will take place from April 19-23, 2023, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Some of the top strongmen in the world will gather to see who will take home one of the biggest prizes in the sport. It will be another weekend of elite competition, just like there was in Australia.

Tom Stoltman will enter as the two-time reigning champion at the event. He enters as one of the favorites in a competition that will be the final for Brian Shaw, who is a four-time champ. Shaw announced that this would be his final World’s Strongest Man competition and has a chance to be come the second five-time winner, along with Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Josh Patacca and Nicole Genrich were able to win a coveted prize over the weekend and now, fans can set sites on the World’s Strongest Man competition.

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