3 Exercises For Monstrous Traps You Need Right Now

Turn your traps into mountains.

Building a monstrous physique can be a fairly simple endeavor for the genetically inclined. There are individuals out there that simply have to look at some weights and they automatically gain muscle. For the genetically gifted, building muscle is as simple as breathing. All they need to do is show up at the gym and they’re set to make some legit gains. For the rest us normal humans it takes specific and carefully planned training in order to stimulate our muscles into growth. For the average Joe, it’s important to emphasize a specific training regimen in order to get the body to respond positively.

On the journey to building more muscle sometimes we focus on the basics. Many people want a bigger chest, shredded abs, mountainous biceps. All of those would be considered the popular body parts, the ones that most anyone thinks of when they first travel down the road of greater muscle. But another body part that should considered more often are the traps.

Having well built trapezius muscles means having a more impressive back and can make your upper body look even more powerful. They will certainly help fill out a shirt and can separate an athletic body type and a true beast. So what exercises should you be doing to build up your traps?

Generation Iron Exercise Guide Traps1. The Shrug

Perhaps the most basic of trap exercises, having the shrug in your arsenal will certainly have you traps exploding in no time. Once finding a manageable weight then it’s all about getting the proper form. Let the dumbbells hang down by your legs, getting that stretch in the neck and traps, then simply shrug those shoulders up and squeeze at the top, all the time being sure to perform the action with control.

2. Standing Dumbbell Upright Rows

This exercise can also be done with dumbbells. Hold the weights with in an over hand grip being sure your hands are slightly less than shoulder with apart. You then lift the weights utilizing your elbows to perform the movement until the dumbbells almost touch your chin. This exercise will have your back and traps screaming in pain and growing in size in no time.

3. Kettlebell Sumo High Pulls

This exercise not only uses different equipment, but also works the entire body. Not only will your traps and back be worked thoroughly, but your legs, including the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, will be put to the test as well. Besides the bodybuilding elements, this movement also promotes strength to grant you explosive power.

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