The Only 3 Supplements You Should Be Using

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The Only 3 Supplements You Should Be Using

The fitness industry is full of fads. The supplement companies have gotten better at marketing their products. Most of these companies invest more in marketing their products as compared to R&D.

As any marketing professional would confirm, the best way for a company to make more money is to get their customers to buy more products from them. The phenomena of selling a new product to an existing customer are known as cross-selling.

The idea of making more money can be tempting for anyone and we can’t blame the supplement companies for it. If a customer already has bought a whey protein powder, selling him another tub of the same product won’t be effective in moving the supplement company’s balance sheet.

On the other hand, the supplement company could bundle up the whey protein supplement with another supplement like a BCAA powder and a guarantee that it will give the consumer better results. Most of the people buying supplements to improve their bodies won’t mind spending a few more bucks every month in hope for better results.

Hardly do these buyers know, these additional supplements will minutely budge the needle. There is no doubt technology is getting better with time and so are the supplements. But the question is, do you need all the supplements a supplement company has in its catalog?

The simple answer is a no. Bodybuilding has been around for a long time and many bodybuilders made it big with the help of few supplements and so can you. Most of the athletes endorsing new supplements don’t use the products themselves. If they can do without it, so can you.

Whey Protein

If you’ve been around the fitness scene for some time, you would know the importance of whey protein by now. Most bodybuilders and fitness athletes swear by whey protein. Many of these athletes consume the protein powder multiple times in a day.

Whey protein powder contains essential amino acids which are absorbed quickly by the body. Studies show whey protein can help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose significant amounts of body fat.

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Pre-Workout Supplements

Even the best of bodybuilders have days when they don’t feel like training. Pre-workout supplements can be the push you need on these days. Some pre-workout supplements can take your workouts to the next level by supplying you with energy, mental focus, and muscle pumps.

Some pre-workouts supplements contain stimulants. After some time your body can get accustomed to these stimulants and might stop responding to them. It is recommended that you cycle using the pre-workout supplements.

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Creatine is a controversial supplement, and a lot has been said about it. Many people think using creatine can harm your kidneys, liver, and heart. Many studies have proved creatine is a completely safe supplement and has no side effects when used in moderation.

Creatine is a chemical which is naturally formed in the human body and is also found in red meat and seafood. Creatine can improve exercise performance and can help you complete more sets and reps which can, in turn, lead to gaining muscle mass.

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What supplements do you use?

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