Akim Williams Answers: Will Big Ramy Be The Next Ronnie Coleman?

Akim Williams shares his thoughts on Big Ramy as the new Mr. Olympia champion and what his future holds.

Big Ramy finally fulfilled his destiny after years of hype at the Mr. Olympia 2020. He became a champion when many doubters thought he might not ever get his conditioning under control. Now the big question is what lies ahead for his future.

There’s no doubt that the physique he presented in 2020 was a game changer. He hit a size and conditioning that will be hard to beat… if he can keep it consistent. Many have made comparisons to him and Ronnie Coleman. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Akim Williams answers whether or not Big Ramy can be the next Ronnie Coleman.

Big Ramy’s immense size and conditioning at the Mr. Olympia 2020 led many fans to start making comparisons. Specifically to the most famous mass monster bodybuilder of call time – Ronnie Coleman. But is Big Ramy really able to stand up to that legendary status? That’s the exact question we asked to his fellow competitor Akim Williams.

Akim, of course, has his own plans. He wants to take down Big Ramy and become the next Mr. Olympia champion. Akim has the promise to achieve this dream with many gurus and experts seeing him as a threat in the near future.

Watch our GI Exclusive interview segment with Akim Williams above.

That being said, Akim Williams also acknowledges just how far Big Ramy improved at the Olympia 2020. Akim will have to level up significantly to get to that level. He’s up for the challenge. But being objective, he tries to answer our question as honestly as possible.

Akim Williams believes it has yet to be seen whether or not Big Ramy can be the next Ronnie Coleman. Time will play a big factor in that. Up until now, Big Ramy has not been consistent. Who’s to say he won’t come back in 2021 with weak conditioning again? He’s been on that rollercoaster before.

Even looking past that fact, Akim Williams also doesn’t know if history will treat Big Ramy with the same reverence as Ronnie Coleman. This isn’t a slight against Ramy, instead it’s just further proof of how one of a kind Ronnie was.

Ronnie Coleman was ahead of his time. When he first won the Mr. Olympia, his physique was a shock to the entire sport of bodybuilding. No one had seen a physique like that before. It ultimately changed the sport forever. The following generations all chased the same kind of mass monster size as Ronnie – including Big Ramy.

So yes, Akim Williams agrees that Big Ramy has a massive and impressive physique. But even if you argue that his physique is on par with Ronnie, he wasn’t the first to do it. That changes the perspective on his win and potentially future wins. For Big Ramy to be the next Ronnie Coleman, he’d have to upgrade his physique to a level no one has ever seen in the sport.

Perhaps that is still on the horizon. Only time will tell. For now, Akim Williams is more focused on his own legacy. He hopes to bring Big Ramy down from his throne sooner rather than later. That way there won’t be a need to compare Ramy to Ronnie Coleman anymore. Akim wishes his fellow competitors well but he still wants to win.

You can watch Akim Williams’ full comments on Big Ramy and his Olympia win in our latest GI Exclusive segment above!