The Truth About The Alkaline Diet & What It Can Do

alkaline diet

Is there such a diet to change the pH in your body?

So many diets out there, right? It sure seems that way. While some may be a fad, and others a real staple, the alkaline diet may be something you are unfamiliar with. We have talked before on here about alkaline water and what it can do for the pH levels in your body and how it can enhance hydration. While we get into that more down below, the alkaline diet is interesting and worth exploring.

Why so many diets exist is because diets are not a one size fits all. Some people respond better to keto, for example, than others. And the list goes on and on, but one thing that is for sure is that once you find your diet of choice, it is key to stick to it, for this can help enhance all your goals for the better.


Let’s take a look at the alkaline diet and see what this is all about. We will talk the diet itself and get into pH and what that all means. By the end of this, maybe you will want to check out the alkaline diet and add this into your routine as well.

alkaline diet

What Is The Alkaline Diet?

The alkaline diet centers around the idea that certain foods you consume can change the pH level in your body. Consuming high amounts of acidic foods is never great for you, and eating those more alkaline foods are what matter most when it comes to improving your overall health.

Made up of certain fruits and vegetables, some fruits and vegetables do not make the list. Some examples of fruits to eat are apples, apricots, oranges, and peaches, while some vegetables include broccoli, carrots, cucumber, and green beans.

This diet is really all about the optimal pH level, but some experts have been said to have refuted this diet with the notion that our bodies already regulate pH fairly well. It is an interesting idea, however, and despite some controversial debate around this, let’s continue with this exploration (1).

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What Is pH?

To touch on pH for a second, this is a scale ranging from acidic to more alkaline on a scale of 0-14, with 7 being neutral. We want our bodies to be regulated efficiently and having the proper balance is important for our overall health.

Benefits Of The Alkaline Diet

As mentioned above, the alkaline diet is debated among experts, however, let’s take a look at some potential benefits to see just what makes this diet so appealing to some. While more research may be needed on a number of these factors, it is important to understand at least what is drawing some to this diet.


Potential benefits of the alkaline diet include:

  • Reduced inflammation: May reduce chronic pain and work to relieve inflammation and joint pain that can debilitate your workouts and everyday movements.
  • Maintain bone health and muscle mass: What you eat and what vitamins and minerals you take in are important when it comes to building and maintaining bone health and muscle mass, especially for those of us constantly working out.
  • Better immunity: With the right vitamins and minerals, and better care for our bodies on the whole, we can strengthen our immune system so we stay as healthy as possible.
  • More vitamin and mineral absorption: Being able to properly absorb vitamins and minerals can go a long way, especially as you look to capitalize on these above benefits.

Is This Diet Effective?

A mentioned before, some experts have debated as to the actual effectiveness of this diet and if it can actually work. Since the body does regulate pH levels fairly well, it would seem that for some people this diet doesn’t seem very worth it. However, if it is something you feel is worth investigating further and want to try, hopefully this introduction to the diet will make you want to look into it further.

Role Of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a great way to stay on top of everything while also staying as hydrated as possible. What you will find with alkaline water is that it can help with detox, provide weight loss assistance, offer antioxidants, and improve your metabolism and digestion all in efforts to keep you as healthy as possible (2,3,4). Considering the quality of the water and the source, while also what pH the water is can go a long way as you look to get the most out of your product for the best gains.

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Featured Alkaline Water For Better pH Levels

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Northern Chill is a great alkaline water packed with minerals and electrolytes with a natural pH level of 7.8.

Northern Chill is bottled in Wisconsin from an aquifer created by glaciers. Naturally produced with a 7.8 pH alkaline, this water is also filled with valuable minerals and electrolytes and offers a creamy taste. Northern Chill takes pride in the fact that this bottle remains unaltered, uninfused, and unchanged from nature to bottle giving you the best option for cleanliness and purity. Available by case or pallet, this water is great for those of all generations.

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Wrap Up

The alkaline diet is certainly up for debate but it is an interesting premise. Keeping our bodies healthy overall is important and should not go neglected, especially if you are an athlete who is constantly pushing yourself to the max. While this diet may not be for you, it is definitely important to keep the sentiment of this diet in efforts to keep yourself as healthy as possible. For those who want to capitalize on the idea of alkaline water, make sure to check out a top product to balance out pH levels and keep yourself hydrated.

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