Andrew Jacked Takes Larry Wheels Through Men’s Open Style Leg Workout

Andrew Jacked led Larry Wheels through an intense Men's Open leg day.
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Andrew Jacked and Larry Wheels teamed up for a big-time leg day workout.

Bodybuilder Andrew Jacked has quickly turned into a contender in Men’s Open division, really showing that he belongs on the Mr. Olympia stage. Since his early days of training, he has been close with Larry Wheels and has credited him for his success at times. The two recently teamed up once again for a Men’s Open style leg workout.

Wheels remains committed to earning his IFBB Pro Card in the Classic Physique division. He made his debut this year by winning the 2023 NPC Ultimate Warriors. Wheels then competed at the 2023 Amateur Olympia and took home a second place placing, missing out on his Pro Card for the time being. He continues to train at a high level and will look to turn pro in 2024.

As for Andrew Jacked, he continues to be one of the top competitors in Open Bodybuilding. He made the jump into the top five during the 2023 Olympia and has his sights set on the Arnold Classic in March. Jacked is one of the tallest competitors in Men’s Open, which many times makes it difficult to put on muscle mass, however Andrew Jacked has shown that he has the ability to truly fill out his gigantic frame, making him a force to be reckoned with.

This workout took place on Dec. 22 with Andrew Jacked leading the way. Larry Wheels shared the full video on his YouTube page.

Andrew Jacked & Larry Wheels Leg Workout 

Andrew Jacked and Larry Wheels teamed up for an impressive set of workouts:

Belt Squats

The workout began with dynamic stretching as a warmup before diving into belt squats, which are a great exercise for your legs and you are lucky if your gym has one of these machines. On the final set, the duo completed a triple drop set to muscular failure. Jacked used a V-handle attachment during his sets. This exercise takes strain off the lower back and focuses on glutes and quads.

Leg Press

Andrew and Larry’s leg workout continued with leg presses, a movement that simulates a squat but completely removes the lower back from the equation. The implemented a shoulder-width stance and did not lock his knees so that there was constant tension on the muscle, giving a good mind-muscle connection. Adding extra size to his legs, specifically hamstrings, has been a priority for Jacked since the Olympia.

Leg Extension & Lunges – Superset

The final set of the day was a superset with leg extensions and lunges, an absolutely brutal finisher to an intense leg day. Andrew Jacked made sure to keep tension once again by performing shorter strides and steps during lunges. This superset was to isolate quads after two compound movements.

Larry Wheels Andrew Jacked Leg Day Wrap Up

Overall, this leg day shows that it is not about how many sets and reps you do to get a solid workout in, but it is about what you do during each set. They show that you just need to make the most out of your workouts. Too many times do people spend hours in the gym, doing junk volume and wondering why they are not making gains.

Overall, the duo continues to be two of the top fitness stars in the world. Both Andrew Jacked and Larry Wheels are hoping for a productive and successful 2024 calendar year beginning in just one week.

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