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These resistance bands are great for at home or on the road use to really enhance overall muscle development.

Product Overview

Resistance bands are often times an overlooked piece of workout equipment that has serious potential to aid in your bodybuilding and fitness goals. Seen as traditionally tools for warm-up or rehab, the benefits of resistance bands goes way beyond simply light workouts. With the ability to build strength and size, it works to target larger muscle groups, as well as smaller stabilizer muscles, to really enhance overall strength and functional movements to prevent injury and keep you moving as efficiently as possible. Angles90 Resistance Bands are a great choice when looking to add more resistance to your workouts.

Resistance bands are great to cover all aspects of your workout, from a pre-workout warm-up, to a supplemental aid during your workout, or for post-workout recovery. Offering versatility and comfort, while still promoting gains, resistance bands are perfect for adding variety to your workouts. Great for at-home use or on the go travel, you can get a great workout anywhere with the help of Angles90.

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Simon Sparber spent more than a decade as a professional gymnast, having a great career and winning numerous titles. The idea for Angles90 came when he modified an old ski grip and strap to assist with pull-ups, thus sparking this idea which ultimately went through 70 different prototypes and was tested on hundreds of athletes. Finding great success and helping many athletes around the world, Angles90 works to provide only the best products from their facilities in Northern Italy to help advance the performances of athletes everywhere.

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Angles90 Resistance Bands Highlights

These highly resistible and perfectly transportable resistance bands from Angles90 are perfect for all of your workout needs. With the ability to work out your whole upper body with less joint stress, you will enhance muscle development and work to see that desired physique.

Angles90 comes with two bands, 20 lbs. and 40 lbs., and four carabiners. The length is adjusted through the handles for convenience to ensure an effective workout with no hassle. Whether at home or on the go, you can see great growth and development with the help of Angles90 resistance bands.

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Benefits Of Resistance Bands

When it comes to resistance bands, there are many benefits to take note of. While lifting big and cranking out the cardio can work for some people, others may respond better to more resistance-based workouts and these bands are absolutely perfect.

Muscle Growth & Development

With the ability to change grip and offer diversity in your workouts, you really target new muscle fibers that are often times missed by simply doing a single exercise. With new muscle fibers at work, this allows you to see serious growth and development (1), as well as range of motion as you work to strengthen muscle around larger ones. Mind-muscle connection is something to keep in mind for it really allows you to focus on what your body is doing and how your mind responds, offering the benefit of better technique and more attention to the muscle squeeze.

Better Functional Movements & Stability

Working to strengthen those smaller stabilizer muscles is so important to keep your larger muscle groups from taking the brunt of the lift while also improving overall stability (2). This will keep your exercises more stable and smooth and allow for bigger pumps and more confidence. With so many exercises and variations to choose from, the opportunity to improve all functional movement is in your grasp.

Prevent Injury & Time Out Of The Gym

Resistance bands allow you to focus on more natural movements which in turn can prevent injuries due to your muscles moving any which way. By specifically targeting muscles in their appropriate fashion, you not only enhance growth, but also protect them from any unwanted pain (3). Resistance bands are also great rehab tools if you are recovering from an injury because you can lighten the weight while still working on muscle growth.

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Price & Effectiveness

Angles90 Resistance Bands are a great tool to really work on muscle development and overall definition when it comes to your bodybuilding goals. These bands come at an affordable price of $24.90.

Pros: A quality grip ensures an effective and versatile workout. Easy adjusting through the handle makes workouts convenient and allows you to get the right length. From a company who cares about their consumers at a great price.

Cons: Other resistance band sets may include more bands with the amount of weight or resistance closer together which would allow more diversity in your workouts.

Ben Radic

Showcased Athlete

Benjamin Radic is a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness athlete who uses Angles90 resistance bands to power his workouts and provide for great resistance-based training to really maximize growth. As someone who understands how the body works and what it needs to grow, lifting big weights has surely helped Radic get to where he needs to be. But with the help of Angles90 resistance bands, he has been able to show off his athleticism and great physique with seriously effective resistance training thanks to Angles90.

Overall Value

Angles90 has designed an amazing product to really enhance growth and development while also working to keep you physically healthy overall and aid in functional movements. Resistance bands are perfect workout tools and can really provide great benefits to strength, definition, functionality, and injury prevention. With two bands, each 20 lbs. and 40 lbs. respectively, the options for your workouts and the variations involved are great. What you are really getting is a high quality resistance band set from a company who cares about athletes’ performances at a great price. Check out Angles90 resistance bands today and really work to elevate your performance to the next level.

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