5 Banded Resistance Exercises to Torture Your Muscles into Growing

Resistance Band Exercises

Banded Resistance Exercises You Need to Include in Your Workouts

Once you have been training for some time, a time will come when you’ll have hit the ceiling of muscle growth. Breaking a plateau can be one of the hardest things and can only be done by adding advanced training techniques to your training routines, such as resistance bands.

Using resistance bands in your workouts can add constant tension to your muscles and can prove effective in forcing your muscles into growing. Resistance bands generally are of three different types (strong, medium and light). You need to use the right one according to your strength and the exercise.

In this article we break down the best resistance band exercises that you can do at home to help effectively grow muscle. Don’t underestimate the power of a good set of resistance band exercises!

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The Best Banded Exercises

Now, let’s take a look at the best exercises to do with resistance bands.

Banded Leg Press

Exercises with bands work best where the range of motion is vertical. Using the resistance bands on the leg press is easy and will make the exercise feel like a completely different exercise.

You’ll need a couple of bands of the same strength for all the exercises mentioned in the article. On each side, put one end of the bands on the lift-off handles and the other end on the bars which holds the weights.

Banded Squat

Using resistance bands in your exercises will make them harder by adding resistance when the bands are expanded and reducing the tension when the bands contract. For the barbell squats, you’ll need a set of heavy dumbbells to attach one end of the bands.

Put the other end of the bands around the barbell outside the weights while the bar is racked. Unrack the bar and walk back a couple of steps so you’re in line with the dumbbells on each side. It’s important to keep an upright stance while performing the banded squats.

Banded Bench Press

If you’re new to banded resistance training, it’ll be a good idea to ask someone for a spot. The added resistance might take you by surprise as the bands completely change the dynamics of the exercises.

Place a heavy dumbbell at some distance from your chest on each side. Attach one side of the bands to the barbell and the other to the dumbells. You’ll feel the resistance while you’re pressing the weights up.

Banded Deadlifts

If you’re using medium or heavy resistance bands, you’ll be lifting around 50% of your usual weights. You’ll need a couple of heavy dumbbells on each side for performing the banded deadlifts.

Place the dumbbells on each side so that each side of the barbell is placed between the two dumbbells. Wrap one side of the band around one dumbbell and the other around the second dumbbell. The bands on each side should go over the barbell while it’s resting on the floor.

Banded Smith Machine Military Presses

Place a dumbbell on each side of the smith machine under the barbell. Wrap one end around the dumbbell and the other around the barbell. Maintain a full range of motion while performing the banded resistance exercises to get the most out of them.

It can take some time to trial test which kind of band works the best for each exercise. Perform these exercises in your next workout and your muscles will be filled with lactic acid and begging for mercy.

The Best Bands

We wouldn’t talk about resistance band exercises without recommending the best bands for you to use!

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