The moment Rich Gaspari won the first ever Arnold Classic.

ARNOLD CLASSIC MOMENTS – is a special video series looking back at the history of one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world. Legendary bodybuilders tell their personal moments in the Arnold Classic and share the oral history of what makes this specific competition rise above the rest – making a lasting impression for years to come.

Rich Gaspari is a legendary name for many reasons. He landed in second place multiple years in the Mr. Olympia and is considered one of the top uncrowned champions in that competition. He started Gaspari Nutrition – which changed the game for supplements in bodybuilding.

He is also the first ever Arnold Classic champion – winning the original contest when he was only 25 years old. It’s a stellar accomplishment that can never be taken away from him and an integral part of the epic history of the Arnold Classic.

To this day and for that very reason – Rich Gaspari has been constantly involved with the Arnold Classic Ohio competition and expo. He has nurtured the Arnold Classic Amateur – a testament to his own historical underdog status and his keen ability to sniff out future champions before the rest of the pack. He has consistently been a presence in the Arnold Classic over the past three decades.

Rich Gaspari retells in vivid detail the moments leading up to his unforgettable victory. Transporting us all back to a very different time and revealing intimate details that make for a fascinating story. Watch the full oral history of the first ever Arnold Classic win above.

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