Generation Iron Lex Luger Workout

“If I don’t work out for a day, it’s like I didn’t brush my teeth”.

With a 6-foot-4, 270 lb herculian frame and a repertoire of powerful maneuvers, Lex Luger (Lawrence Pfohl) deserved to be called “The Total Package.” Luger not only possesed one of the most impressive physiques in sports history but the former NFL player also had freakish athletics which put him head and shoulders above the rest. You don’t become a not one, not two, but THREE time WWE United  States Champion, holding the belt for a record breaking 523 days, without a some serious lifts and a lot of know how. Luger lets us in on some of his knowledge, but more importantly, his philosophy.

“Do you work out with a precision scope or a shot gun? I always target my workouts with a scope…It’s very task specific.”

 -Lex Luger

Focus. If you ask Lex Luger for one defining characteristic that has lead to his success – he will tell you plainly that it’s his laser-like focus. Whether he’s applying the “torture rack” in the ring, or hitting it hard on chest day, the man is a tactician. Surgically slicing up his workouts into small concise sets, “I hit the muscle from every angle” he says.


Each day, he targets a different muscle group for up to 45 minutes: chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday and arms on Friday. He’ll alternate between biceps and triceps for nine sets. Four out of the five weekdays, he follows weights with 30-45 minutes of cardio. He does however skip cardio on leg days, and with good reason, “I’m breaking down muscle tissue in the legs. To pound them into further oblivion doesn’t make sense.”

As a daily warm-up, he alternates between a 10-minute abdominal or calve routine, careful never to stretch a cold muscle. Saturday and Sunday, he concentrates specifically on cardio: about one hour each day. While dedication and hard work has definitely helped him realize his potential – he admits that genetics also plays a role. While unfortunately we can’t all be a Lex Luger, we can still steal his workout. So without much further adu we’ve got the meat and potatoes on this insane workout on the next page!

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