Boost Your Bench Press With A Pair Of Weightlifting Gloves

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How weightlifting gloves can boost your bench press and increase gains.

When it comes to your bench press needs, we often neglect what a good pair of weightlifting gloves can do. We all love to bench, right? It’s become something of our gym calling card. But knowing the right way to bench and the approach to lifting accessories can take us a long way, especially as we seek to develop chest muscles.

The bench press is that exercise we all know and love and can greatly influence our growth and development. What weightlifting gloves can do are offer support and protection while also enhancing grip, so you feel more supported and can better tackle any and all of those lifting needs you want to most.

Let’s take a look at the bench press and see what this is all about. We’ll talk about what it is and what it’s known for, what muscles are worked, the benefits of it, and how weightlifting gloves can be a game changer for your ability to perform this exercise.

bench press weightlifting gloves

What Is The Bench Press Known For?

The bench press is an effective chest building exercise as we all know, and is known for its ability to increase strength and size in your upper body (1). One of those three powerlifts that everyone loves to perform, the bench press has become that thing we all compare amongst ourselves.

Similar to the mile for the runner, a common question of how much do you bench is asked around gyms. But the bench press isn’t something to be taken lightly and while athletes of all experience can perform it, when it comes to lifting big weight, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Muscles Worked

The main muscle group worked in the bench press is your chest. What you will find is your pecs will feel a serious burn and those muscles will be fired up for growth. Your triceps and shoulders do get work done as well given the nature of the movement and your abs, since they are engaged to keep your back against the bench, will also get a little work done for what their need to stay tight.

bench press weightlifting gloves

Benefits Of The Bench Press

Benefits of the bench press cannot be ignored and this exercise will work wonders for you and your ability to see only the best gains. While it is important to have the best form so you reap these great benefits, don’t neglect what this workout can do for all your goals.

Benefits of the bench press include:

  • Increased chest growth: This exercise can work those chest muscles so they increase in strength and size for the best gains (2,3).
  • Works tris and delts: It can also work your triceps and shoulders as a result of the movement so you see good gains to these muscles as well.
  • Increases pushing power: This exercise is perfect for increasing pushing power and allowing for you to maximize any pushing movement, whether it be sport specific or more functional.
  • Counteracts pulling muscles: This exercise can help you counteract those pulling muscles, since this is a pushing exercise, allow for better muscle balance.
  • Plenty of variations: With plenty of variations, you can diversify and add variety to your workout so you work the same muscles but in a different way to increase muscle confusion.

How To Perform It

  1. Lie on the bench with your feet planted on the floor.
  2. Grab the bar with your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart. Arch your lower back slightly. While this is debated, an arched lower back can help keep the spine neutral and the back tight.
  3. Lift the bar off the rack and gently lower to your chest as you breathe in. Your forearms should be about 90 degrees from the ground as you touch your chest.
  4. With your feet planted on the ground, initiate the upward movement to return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat for your desired number of sets and reps.

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What Are Weightlifting Gloves?

Weightlifting gloves are a great piece of workout equipment able to improve grip strength (4), add wrist support (5), provide palm protection, and add an overall better sense of feel for your workouts. The choice to wear weightlifting gloves is a personal one, but one worth considering for what these can do for your overall sense of comfort, support and protection when lifting big weight.

weightlifting gloves

Benefits Of Weightlifting Gloves For The Bench Press

What you will find with the bench press is an exercise that puts a lot of strain and potential stress on your hands and wrists. Given the load of this exercise and the beating your hands take, on top of the movements your wrist must do, weightlifting are the perfect piece of equipment for you and your long-term bench press goals.

For those who feel they need wrist support and better palm protection, these gloves are perfect for improving your bench press. The constant wear and tear of our hands on the grip of the bar can be uncomfortable and that unpleasant feeling is just something we can’t have.

With the bench press, grip strength is incredibly important as well for with so much weight under you, the last thing you need is to lose your grip. By working to provide for better grip and allow yourself the opportunity to feel mor supported under all that weight, you will feel as though you have what it takes to succeed and see those bench press PRs in no time.

Check out our list of the Best Weightlifting Gloves for the best in support, protection, and grip!

Wrap Up

The bench press is a monster lift and with weightlifting gloves, you can feel more supported and protected for whatever comes your way. Weightlifting gloves have the ability to offer better support and protection so you can reap the benefits of increase strength and size that the bench press has to offer. Consider weightlifting gloves today and don’t sacrifice any of your bench press gains.

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