Best Bodyweight Triceps Workout For Horseshoe-Shaped Arms

Triceps Exercises

Get those arms to pop and show your triceps some love with these bodyweight triceps workouts.

We often focus so much on our pecs, biceps, and abs, that we leave out one crucial spot: the triceps. That definition is just as much the back of the arms as it is the front. That horseshoe-shaped muscle is every bodybuilder, gymgoer, and athlete’s dream, but it requires more than just curls and the bench for exercises. Targeting your these is critical to seeing big gains and loving how your arms look, sleeves or no sleeves from some of the best bodyweight exercises.

It is important to note that aesthetic is just half the battle. What healthy and huge arms can do is balance out and stabilize the bicep giving your body that much needed equilibrium you may not even notice. Much of the pain people suffer is from an imbalance between the biceps and triceps and through constant training and recovery, this pain will subside from repeated workouts with some of the best bodyweight exercises.

Your triceps make up two-thirds of your arm, so stop neglecting them and let that hard work you put into your biceps show. Many of these exercises below will target multiple muscles so the overall benefit is great to not only your arms, but other important muscles as well. Add to your growth and overall wellness with these 7 bodyweight triceps workouts.

Triceps Exercises

Narrow-Grip Pushups

A slight variation on a standard pushup, narrow-grip pushups are slightly closer to the midline of your body, therefore using your triceps much more. Using explosive movements for power, or slower ones for size, these are some of the best bodyweight exercises to get the arms fired up.

To begin, place your hands under your chest closer than shoulder-width apart. Lower your body by bending your elbows but keep them tucked close to your torso. Remember to keep a tight core and flat back. Using your triceps and pecs, push your body back up and repeat.

Triceps Exercises

Bench Dips

Bench dips are perfect for muscle definition and tone, increasing strength in the upper body. Bench dips are great because you can use a bench, chair, and even a low table for these bodyweight exercises and the push motion to build the upper arms and strong triceps.

With your hands on the edge of a bench (or whatever you’ve chosen to use), sit with your legs out in front of you. With your elbows tight to your sides, lower to the ground bending your arms at 90 degrees. Push back up, locking your elbows at the top.

Triceps Exercises


The plank-to-pushup is a great all-around exercise for it combines to target the triceps, pecs, shoulders, and abs. Not only can this exercise build overall arm strength, but it can increase shoulder mobility as well from some of the best bodyweight exercises with extension for a solid workout derived from push ups for strong triceps.

Start in a plank position with your forearms under your shoulders. Driving from the ground, use your triceps to get onto the palms of each hand, driving head first up. Drop back to your forearms into a plank position and repeat for the best results from this triceps exercise and upper arm burner.

Triceps Exercises

Pike Pushup

The pike pushup is an interesting variation of the pushup and is highly effective in building upper body strength. It can also improve focus and balance given its level of difficulty as a bodyweight movement taken from push ups.

The starting position for the pike pushup is the downward dog position with your hips up and each arm extended out and down. Bending your elbows, allowing them to flare out slightly, lower your head to the ground. Push back through each arm past your head to return to the starting position of downward dog.

Triceps Exercises

Press Up

The press up begins in the cobra position, on your stomach with your hands shoulder-width apart and hips down. Drive into the ground and start to straighten your arms which will raise your upper body. The key is to maintain tension in the arms to get the maximum benefit. Lower the upper body to return to the starting position and repeat for the best results for your muscles.

Triceps Exercises

Diamond Pushup

Diamond pushups are considered one of the best push-ups for triceps for it is effective and forces much of the work. Slightly different than the narrow-grip pushups in hand placement, diamond pushups are also great for chest and shoulder muscle development to help stay on top of your training.

Begin in a pushup position with your hands placed under your chest forming a diamond. With a tight core and flat back, lower to the ground, keeping your elbows tight to your body. It is important to not flare your arms out with this exercise and keep a straight back.

Triceps Exercises

Triceps Bodyweight Extension

Another variation of a plank, this triceps extension exercise is great for building not only core strength but also pumping up those triceps.

This exercise requires a bar, rope, or at least something that allows you to hold onto with room to duck under that will add resistance. Grip the bar overhand and with a sturdy core, assume a plank position with a straight back. Bend your elbows and duck under the bar. Push your body back to the plank position as you straighten your elbows and repeat the process of the triceps extension.

Wrap Up

Try these exercises as you look to make big gains in the gym or wherever your workouts take you. Having triceps that pop are key to getting that horseshoe-shape arm and balancing out the chest and bicep. Stop overlooking this vital muscle that will help you both aesthetically and athletically look good and feel great. Give yourself the benefits of performing daily functions efficiently and effectively, while also owning every aspect of your strength building experience.

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