Big Ramy’s Top 10 Training Tips Ahead Of Olympia 2021

No one hits the gym hoping for mediocre results.

You go in wanting to get the maximum benefit out of every workout. Here are 10 training tips, courtesy of Mr. Olympia Big Ramy, so you can get the greatest benefit from every one of your workouts.

About Big Ramy

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay is an Egyptian professional bodybuilder who had a rapid rise to fame in the pro bodybuilding world. With a past as a fisherman, he spent years working in Kuwaiti waters before starting to train. Once that happened, he fell in love with bodybuilding and perfect genetics allowed him to thrive in the sport. As someone who wants to improve his physique and compete in competitions, his desire to be unstoppable has not only made him a big name, but earned him the title of Mr. Olympia at the 2020 contest.

From Oxygen Gym To Becoming Mr. Olympia 2020

For years, Big Ramy trained at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, a gym where seemingly everyone who entered would leave twice as big. Known for producing the ultimate bodybuilding mass monsters, Big Ramy certainly made big strides while training under the guidance of those at Oxygen Gym. He has since left, but that has not stopped him one bit from continuing his dominance.

In the film Generation Iron 2, Big Ramy makes an appearance while at Oxygen Gym. The film takes viewers on a journey as it dives into the world of those top bodybuilding and fitness stars on a quest for the ultimate physique. For these top competitors, the path to perfection is what they make of it and these athletes know exactly what it takes.

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After years of training and working on crafting a massive and shredded physique, Big Ramy was crowned champion of the 2020 Mr. Olympia contest. Cementing his place in the history books, Big Ramy has become even more popular among bodybuilding fans and competitors alike.

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Big Ramy’s Top 10 Training Tips

Tip #1 – Warm up with cardio

Even when I’m bulking, I always do a few minutes of cardio to warm up before training. This facilitates blood flow to the muscles and helps prevent injury.

Tip #2 – Listen to music

The right music playlist can help you get fired up for a big lift and keep you motivated during a brutal workout. I personally like to listen to rock and heavy metal when I’m training. You’ll find Metallica, Tool, System of a Down and Korn on my workout playlists.

Tip #3 – Set goals

Setting goals helps trigger positive new behaviors and helps keep you focused. I always set goals for myself to ensure I am getting stronger and making progress. Setting goals like adding 30lbs to your bench press in 12 weeks is a good way to ensure that you keep making progress and stay motivated.


Tip #4 – Remember to train your legs

Legs are the largest and strongest muscle group in your body. Because of this, squats, deadlifts and other heavy leg exercises will release massive amounts of testosterone, IGF-1 and growth hormone. As a result, not only will your legs benefit, but your other muscle groups will as well.

Tip #5 – Stick to free weights

Even though modern gyms are full of complex, high-tech machines, they will not build a solid foundation of muscle mass the same way that free weights will. Dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells are the best when it comes to building muscle, especially for a beginner.

Tip #6 – Prioritize Sleep

One of the most essential bodybuilding tips is to allow your body time to recover. Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep each night. If you have trouble falling asleep, try developing a night time routine or try a natural sleep supplement. The one I personally use is called Sleep Juice made by Enhanced Labs.

Tip #7 – Change is good

It’s good to change up the way you’re doing exercises in the gym (stance, grip, angles, sets/reps, technique, etc.). You’ll always do the basics exercises, but the way that you execute them needs to include variations. This is an excellent tool for progression in your training and overall physique.


Tip #8 – Find a coach/training partner

The biggest improvements in my physique occurred while training with people who were more knowledgeable or stronger than me. There’s always something new to learn so find someone knowledgeable and make them your coach or training partner.

Tip #9 – Fuel your workouts

Eat protein before and after you weight train. Protein consumed 60-90 minutes before you train will help induce a muscle-building effect from the training stimulus. Consume the same amount of protein within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout combined with some carbohydrate — and creatine if you decide to take that.

Tip #10 – Use a good pre workout supplement

A well formulated pre-workout supplement will turn a good workout into a great one. I teamed up with Enhanced Labs to create my own pre-workout called Ramy’s Rage. Give it a try, I use it before every workout!

Wrap Up

Big Ramy knows exactly what is required to maximize his training and performance. These 10 tips can greatly influence your gains so you see that massive strength and size like Mr. Olympia himself.

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