Blessing Awodibu Answers: What Is The Fastest Way To Build Lean Muscle Mass?

Blessing Awodibu details the important rules for building mass monster size as efficiently as possible.

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder or perhaps just inspired by the Men’s Open pro bodybuilders of today – you probably want to put on massive size. Gaining weight seems like it would be easier than losing it. But when it comes to building lean muscle mass on a massive level – it can be quite a challenge. That’s why Blessing Awodibu, a pro bodybuilding mass monster that is currently catching attention, shared some key tips on how to effectively build lean muscle as fast as possible. In our latest GI Exclusive, Blessing Awodibu explains the do’s and don’ts for building lean muscle mass big and fast.

Most bodybuilding fans are familiar with the basic cycle of bodybuilding prep. There’s a bulking phase and a cutting phase. During bulking, a bodybuilder tries to put on as much mass as possible. Then closer to the competition, they cut down to sculpt that muscle mass into lean and conditioned mastery.

In today’s day and age of bodybuilding, size means everything. Men’s Open bodybuilders come in at a minimum of 250 pounds with some pushing towards 300 pounds. Needless to say, these guys are truly massive. So if you’re a bodybuilder looking to do the same – how do you build up that much size?

We asked Blessing Awodibu what was the most efficient and fastest way to build muscle mass. The answer might not be the kind of short cut people are looking for – but it’s insightful advice that can help you avoid some serious mistakes. Blessing immediately confirms that there is no “fast” way to build mass. It takes hard work and consistency.

Of course, you can build mass more effectively if you follow some key tips. The most important one being the kind of food you eat. Some bodybuilders pack on junk food into their bulking meal plans. Basically, they’ll eat anything to build up the pounds. But this also brings in lots of fat build up. When the cutting phase comes down the road – this makes for a bigger challenge.

That’s why Blessing Awodibu stresses the importance of eating clean foods. No sugary food. No salty food. No deeply fatty foods. He sticks with the traditional bodybuilder diet of chicken and rice. Sometimes steak and rice. He stays consistent no matter how mind numbing it can become. Building up lean mass as a bodybuilder is part of the job. It’s work. It’s not supposed to be “fun” or “tasty” all of the time.

Blessing Awodibu also shares some tips on how to make sure the mass you are building is muscle and not fat. How do you build mass monster muscle without becoming too soft? Blessing swears by fasted cardio. He says it’s the most important trick to making sure your muscle builds lean and not puffy.

Bodybuilding often de-emphasizes cardio. Doing too much can burn off the muscle you’ve been trying so hard to build. It also is extremely unpleasant to do cardio when you are carrying over 250 pounds of muscle.

Regardless, Blessing Awodibu (among other top tier bodybuilders) stress how important it is to stay on top of not just cardio – but fasted cardio. This brings in the most benefits for your time. It also ensures when you are bulking that it’s mostly muscle and not tubby fat.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu go into more detail about his exact tactics in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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