Blessing Awodibu Vows To Be In Best Shape Heading Into Competition: ‘I Feel Like This Is The Year’

Blessing Awodibu shared a massive leg day workout where he said he will be at his best.

Blessing Awodibu is planning to return to the stage at the 2022 Indy Pro. He has made some improvements to his physique and has vowed to show up in his best shape. Awodibu recently shared a massive leg day and spoke on entering competition at his very best.

During his rookie year, Awodibu finished third at the Indy Pro before heading into the New York Pro. He wanted to earn qualification to the Olympia but finished sixth in New York with Nick Walker winning the show. This is when a feud began between the two competitors but they have since started training together.

Heading into the 2022 season, Awodibu knew some improvements that he had to make and has been focused on training. Recently, he took to YouTube to share a leg day workout that targets one area that Awodibu has been able to improve.

The 2022 Indy Pro will take place in May and Blessing Awodibu wants to make sure that he is at his absolute best.

“10 weeks out for the boogie man. I feel likes this is the year. You know, I’ll finally be able to give you guys what you guys deserve. I will finally be at my best. I truly believe it. This year, I will be at my best. My very best,” awodibu said.

I feel like my very best is an extremely dangerous look. I feel like it’s totally different from a lot of the people that you guys see now. I’m super excited man. The work goes on.”

Blessing Awodibu Leg Day

Awodibu explains that he was focusing on quads and gluten during this particular leg workout. His hamstrings were still feeling effects from last week and he wanted to take some time to recover.

“They still sore, they not fully recovered yet so I don’t really think it’s wise enough to train them today.

I’m not going to do hamstrings today. I’m going to push them to Friday. So that’s the end of my quad workout. Now, I’m going to blast a little bit of the glutes and then we’ll call it a day.”

This workout began with leg adductors and leg extensions. This was a way for Blessing Awodibu to pump blood into the legs before hitting 10 sets of 15-20 reps squatting on the Smith Machine. He then continued with four sets of 15-20 on leg press to continue heavy work on his quads. Awodibu finished with sets of flute extension, hip extension, and leg abductors.

Blessing Awodibu continues to be a rising star in bodybuilding and he is ready to show it on stage this year.

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