Brandon Curry shared a video on Instagram with fans this morning teasing a vlog where he addresses rumors that he’s feuding with Phil Heath.

In case you missed it, there was some drama in the bodybuilding world this weekend (no surprise there) as some of Brandon Curry’s comments about Phil Heath were taken to mean there was animosity between the two.

The alleged beef is over a comment Phil Heath made about the 2019 Mr. Olympia competition. Phil Heath recently said in an interview that he probably would have won had he chosen to compete. It’s a sentiment shared by many fans of the sport, who were disappointed that many of the bodybuilding world’s biggest names were not at the biggest competition of the year. Last year’s champion Shawn Rhoden was disbarred from the IFBB and Phil Heath chose not to compete so that he could focus “on other projects, inside and outside of bodybuilding.” With those names out of the ring, the competition was something of a toss-up, so all of that ended up working out in Brandon Curry’s favor.

When asked outright if he would still be Mr. Olympia had Phil Heath competed, Brandon Curry of course gave a resounding yes. He also implied that Heath was trying to stay relevant by starting beef.

According to Brandon Curry’s recently published vlog, there was no animosity behind his comments and he was simply defending his title. You can watch the video above to hear his comments in full.

“I basically have been accused of throwing shade on Phil in some kind of way,” Brandon Curry explained. “I guess, referring to him as not a true champion…it may have been misinterpreted from him. I didn’t refer to Phil Heath as not being a true champion, I think he’s one of the best bodybuilders of all time, one of the greatest physiques of all time. I’m just calling out the obvious. If a champion knows he will win, he will compete. And I don’t feel that Phil knew he could win, so that’s why he didn’t compete.”

When it comes down to it, both of these athletes are legends of the sport in their own right. You have to feel for Curry being put in this situation since there has been so much speculation that he got away with an easy win in an easy competition. What is he supposed to say to all the fans saying that Phil Heath would have beaten him? “You’re right guys, I guess I might as well just hand in my Olympia trophy now.” Curry feels that he has earned his title and wanted to defend that accomplishment from those who were questioning his legitimacy as a champion. Inevitably, that ended in some minced words that of course got torn up in the outrage machine that is the internet.

“No disrespect to Phil, I wasn’t throwing shade on Phil,” Curry concluded. “If he wanted to come to the stage and beat me, he had the opportunity to beat me.”

*All images and videos courtesy of Instagram.

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