Pro natural bodybuilder and personal trainer flips the script and details the many ways a client can sabotage their bodybuilding coach relationship.

Last week, Brandon Lirio detailed the many ways a bodybuilding coach may be trying to scam and fail you. This week, he flips to the other side of the coin and breaks down the key mistakes that clients often make when working with bodybuilding coaches. Working with a bodybuilding coach is more than simply purchasing a service. It requires effort put into it on both sides -just like any other relationship. In our latest episode of the U-Natty States Of America Podcast, Brandon Lirio the top four ways a client can ruin results from their bodybuilding coach.

In today’s world of constant connection, there are more bodybuilding coaches than ever promoting their expertise and services. This leads to plenty of opportunities, many of which are online, to gain the advice and coaching plan from a true expert. It also means there are more scam coaches out there pretending to know what they are talking about.

Brandon Lirio covered bodybuilding coach red flags last week. This week, Lirio is breaking down the red flags in clients for coaches. By breaking down these red flags, you can hopefully take an honest look at yourself as a client and see how you can be better at giving your bodybuilding coach the best chance at helping you succeed. Let’s dive into it.

1. Don’t lie on your intake form or during weekly check-ins

When a client first signs up with a bodybuilding coach, they usually fill out a questionnaire detailing your health, your diet, your exercise experience, supplements, and much more. This is vital information allowing the bodybuilding coach to best develop a plan for you – and then altering that plan as the coach sees how your body responds. So it goes without saying that lying on these forms is a huge mistake.

But you’d be surprised how many people do it. They lie either due to being self conscious or underestimating the importance of what a client might think is a small meaningless detail. This holds true for weekly check-ins as well. If you didn’t follow the coaches plan perfectly, be honest. Tell the coach about your cheat meal or that you cut a workout short. It’s vital information that directly affects the success of your coaching plan.

For example, if you constantly lie about eating regular cheat meals – your coach will take that at face value. So when your body doesn’t respond to his plan, the coach will look in other areas on how to help adjust towards success. You may be spending some extra time on the treadmill! But since you are lying, the coach’s adjustments won’t work. This leads to a long-term guesting game delaying your fitness success.

2. Don’t obsess over the smallest details of your coaching plan – let your bodybuilding coach handle that

The second big red flag in a client is one who over-obsesses over every fact and detail. That second guesses and double checks everything. That spends so much time trying to understand every detail… they delay progress for weeks at a time.

This kind of client ends up staying stuck on step one when the bodybuilding coach already wants them on step three. It slows down progress. Slow progress means more money out of a clients pocket. Suddenly, they get frustrated and blame the coach. Then they quit.

It is important to not blindly follow your bodybuilding coach. But balance is key. Finding that middle ground between knowing your limits, knowing when to second guess, and then also knowing when to trust the expert, is vital to building a solid relationship with your coach and gaining success.

3. Don’t be a know-it-all

Related to the over-analyzer is the know-it-all. This is the kind of person who thinks they know everything, that they are a master of their body. Sure, a client may have their favorite gym machines, favorite dumbbell or barbell exercises, or just overall things they prefer involving the gym, that is okay. However, acting as if what they like to do is the only thing they should do, that is wrong.

This often creates tension between the bodybuilding coach and client, and can cause clashes and arguments. The obvious answer is this – if you really know everything, then why do you need a coach?

Much like our note in topic number two, it’s important to find a balance. You need to let a coach know how your body reacts to things that you may have tried in the past or done wit previous coaches. On the flip side, you can’t shut down every suggestion or plan that your coach provides.

4. Avoid self hating constant negativity

This one is the hardest one to fix – as there can be a wide variety of sources behind the symptom. Negativity can be toxic and it can have a big impact on how well you train and how well you diet. Working with a coach comes with victories and setbacks. But if you are always focusing on being negative for both success and failure – then you will slow down your progress and create a challenging working environment with your bodybuilding coach.

Motivation and passion are required to overcome hurdles in fitness and bodybuilding. Negativity and a self-hating attitude will make it hard to stay passionate and motivated. of course, we understand that this isn’t just a switch you can flip on or off. But taking an honest look at your attitude is the first step towards finding a more positive outlook.

The underlying cause may be something beyond bodybuilding. Perhaps even something that requires therapy or medical help. But taking that first step towards self-honesty is vital to build a successful relationship with your bodybuilding coach… and with your bodybuilding regimen.

Bodybuilding Coach Wrap Up

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There is one key theme that runs through each of these topics mentioned – a bodybuilding coaching service is a relationship. Whether it’s an online bodybuilding coach or an in-person personal trainer, you are working with a human being on a weekly basis. This requires give and take on both sides. Just because you are paying for a service doesn’t mean the entire responsibility lays on the coach.

You can watch Brandon Lirio’s full breakdown of bodybuilding coach relationships in our latest episode of the U-Natty States Of America podcast above. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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