Build A Massive Back With These 4 Essential Workouts

Blow up your back.

When it comes to neglecting body parts there’s no doubt that of all the muscle groups, the back is given a lot less love than say the chest. It’s not really a shocker or anything. You can’t readily see your back in the mirror, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Having a chiseled chest and abs looks a bit foolish when your back is in terrible shape. Bodybuilding is not just about how great your chest muscles are, but the overall package as a whole.

Symmetry is key in having a complete physique and you’re not going to have the form you want if you neglect any part of your body. Besides, everyone should want a larger back. Not only can it give you the appearance of added size, but it can also strengthen other parts of your body as well. After all, a strong back means improving the definition in your chest. So if you want to have an over all aesthetic and symmetrical physique then check out these moves that are sure to give you back building success and grow some epic wing spreads.

Inverted Bodyweight Row

Generation Iron Bodyweight

This one is like the cousin to the pull up, inverted rows are great for building definition throughout your entire back. This exercise is great for beginners and intermediate level bodybuilders, yet advanced lifters can still find some benefits from performing the exercise. With the right game plan this exercise can be used as a perfect warm up to get your back day started.

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