Early reports allege that Calum Von Moger has jumped through a second story window, injured his spine, and is currently in the ICU to undergo surgery

Calum Von Moger has reportedly jumped through a second story window, received serious injuries, and is currently in the ICU. Various sources and online outlets reported the news Friday afternoon on May 6th. At the time of this writing, Generation Iron is in direct contact with Calum Von Moger’s family and friends in Australia. Generation Iron can confirm Calum von Moger underwent surgery and is currently stable in recovery.

According to initial reports, Calum Von Moger was recently kicked out of his family’s house in Australia. Previous reports have also showcased Von Moger getting into issues with the law including incidents of road rage and carrying a weapon. While not confirmed – there have also been rumors that Von Moger has been suffering from drug addiction to meth amphetamine.

This story is currently developing with more details being made available to Generation Iron via family, friends and local Australian sources. As of now, statements suggest that Calum Von Moger was under the influence of drugs and jumped through a second story window receiving a large number of cuts from the glass. He then sustained spinal injury upon falling to the ground – requiring emergency medical attention. He is currently in the ICU.

ABOVE: Calum Von Moger showcasing his at-home workout.

Calum Von Moger has been off the bodybuilding map for the past year after moving back to his home country of Australia – where he soon faced various legal issues. Shortly after, Von Moger posted on Instagram apologizing for his behavior and claiming that he would be receiving help and working towards recovery.


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The Rollercoaster Journey of Calum Von Moger

Before heading back to Australia, Calum Von Moger was in the process of entering the IFBB Pro league for Classic Physique. He earned his pro card in 2020 but has yet to compete in a pro bodybuilding show. This came after Calum Von Moger went through a prolonged recovery from a serious bicep tear that nearly ended his bodybuilding career.

The entire journey of his recovery and return to competitive bodybuilding was chronicled in the documentary feature film Calum Von Moger: Unbroken.

Before entering the competitive space, Calum Von Moger was known for his impressive classic physique that resembled Arnold Schwarzenegger. This earned him the nickname Arnold 2.0. His videos went viral online alongside his adventurous lifestyle. The attention eventually earned him a small part in the film Bigger, where he played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This story is still developing. Generation Iron will provide updates as soon as they become available. Generation Iron would also like to send well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for Calum Von Moger, family, and friends during this difficult time.


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