PNBA Chad Martin Shares Natural Olympia Workouts Ahead of 19th Appearance

Chad Martin with other legends
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PNBA Chad Martin shared the workouts he’s doing to prepare him for his 19th Natural Olympia. 

Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Chad Martin shared his Natural Olympia workout routine with Natural Olympia around the corner. 2022 Natural Olympia will be Martin’s 19th Natural Olympia, which takes place November 10-13, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Chad Martin competes in the Men’s Bodybuilding divisions. He placed fourth in the Grand Masters class at 2021 Natural Olympia. Martin got in touch with us and informed us of his workouts to prep him for the 2022 Natural Olympia, which he shared on his website. In Martin’s “Pre-Show Workouts” article, Martin said:

“As I prepare for a bodybuilding show which is usually The Natural Olympia, I tend to switch up my workouts so they become more intense with less rest in between them.

The premise behind this is to burn more calories and prepare the body for the intensity of being on stage.

During the off season I will incorporate more lower rep workouts to focus on strength and building muscle, such as Focus5 or Old School.

When preparing for a contest my workouts usually contain more volume with shorter rest periods such as Hundo, Pre-exhaust, Tetris10, etc.

Typically these workouts begin about 8 weeks out, increasing the intensity every week as I get closer to the show. The workouts become very grueling and difficult.

I tend to add only 5lbs per week because the workouts start to get near the 3 hour range, except legs, its always over 3 hours.”

Chad Martin’s Pre-Show Workouts

According to Martin, he increases the intensity of his workouts, including fewer rests between sets and more volume as Natural Olympia approaches. He begins this process about eight weeks out and increases the intensity of his workouts each week. 

Martin follows the progressive overload principle by ensuring he increases each exercise’s weight by five pounds. As a result, most of his workouts are about three hours long, except his leg day, which is longer. 

Martin alluded to many of his pre-show workouts in the article. One of them we covered earlier this year is “Tetris Ten.” Martin created this workout to perform ten reps with a weight heavy enough that causes him to fail before he reaches ten reps on his second set. He then swiftly decreases the weight and finishes the remaining reps with the lighter load (the weight used during the first set) to reach ten reps. He repeats this process with set three, then returns to the weight he used on his first set aiming for ten reps for his final set. 

Chad Martin’s 19th Natural Olympia 

Chad Martin is excited about his 19th Natural Olympia. Finally, Martin will be on stage with guys he’s known for 20 years. In addition, 6x Natural Olympia champ Kiyoshi Moody and 2020 Natural Olympia champ Meshack Ochieng will be making their way back to the most significant stage in natural bodybuilding. 

Here’s a picture Chad Martin shared on his Instagram sharing the stage with Kiyoshi Moody and Philip Ricardo Jr. 10 years ago. 


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