PNBA Legend Kiyoshi Moody Is Coming Out of Retirement for 2022 Natural Olympia

Kiyoshi Moody 2022 Natural Olympia training
Image via Instagram @kiyoshi_moody

6x Natural Olympia champ Kiyoshi Moody will compete at 2022 Natural Olympia after 7 years of retirement. 

Legendary Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Kiyoshi Moody is coming out of a 7-year retirement to compete at Natural Olympia 2022, taking place November 10-13, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Kiyoshi Moody won Natural Olympia six years in a row (2009-2014). A few months ago, Kiyoshi Moody opened up about his battle with cancer on the Longevity Muscle podcast. So, unfortunately, he had to step away from natural bodybuilding. Fortunately, Moody went into remission after dropping over 60 pounds. 

At the end of the podcast episode, Moody mentioned that he planned to come out of retirement. And compete in 2022, and Moody is doing just that. Although he admitted that if he did come back to compete in natural bodybuilding, it wouldn’t be for the limelight–he’s back to win! 

The INBA PNBA Is Excited About Kiyoshi Moody’s Return

The International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) PNBA is excited about Moody’s return and released a statement on Instagram. They said:

“INBA PNBA Global Family, 6X PNBA Natural Olympia Champion @kiyoshi_moody is making his way back to the Pinnacle Of Natural Sports: PNBA Natural Olympia Stage for the XXV Anniversary!

After 7 years of retirement HE’S BACK!

A few battles along the way including recovering from a cancer diagnosis, Kiyoshi is ready to get on stage and do what he loves!

You won’t want to miss his come back!”

Below is a clip of the INBA PNBA’s Instagram post of Kiyoshi Moody posing. 

Kiyoshi Moody recently uploaded a clip of him training for Natural Olympia on Instagram:


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High Level of Competition at 2022 Natural Olympia 

Kiyoshi’s Moody return makes 2022 Natural Olympia competitive. The Men’s Bodybuilding division is already stacked with the reigning Natural Olympia champ Paul Krueger and elite contenders Peter Cichonski and Tamer Barakat. Moreover, the 2020 Natural Olympia champ Meshack Ochieng will be returning. As former Men’s Bodybuilding champ Philip Ricardo Jr. puts it, “it’s going to be a dog fight for the top spot.” 

Natural Olympia 

2022 Natural Olympia is the most significant natural bodybuilding show of the year in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 10-13. The INBA PNBA hosts Natural Olympia. 

Natural bodybuilders from over 60+ countries compete in the INBA PNBA league. And many of them prep to compete for the biggest stage in natural bodybuilding. It gives away the most considerable cash and prizes as well–last year, they gave away a Harley-Davidson, which Philip Ricardo Jr. was lucky enough to take home. 

In addition, the show levels the playing field since each natural athlete is subjected to a drug test following the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations–the strictest drug testing policy in professional sports. 

With Natural Olympia nearly a month away, competitors have already started preparing their physiques for the show. 2021 Classic Physique champ Derek Joe and Men’s Physique contender Danairo Moore recently shared their progress photos about 6-7 weeks from the competition. Moreover, the reigning Figure Natural Olympia champ Alondra Chatman gave a 7-week training update. 

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