Chris Bumstead Shares Offseason Update: “It’s Grind Time And Time To Get Huge For Prep”

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Chris Bumstead is a month away from Olympia prep and is focused on getting huge.

Chris Bumstead has had a busy offseason with bodybuilding along with the birth of his first child. On Tuesday, the five-time Olympia champion shared an offseason update to give fans a look at his plans moving forward.

“This year, I feel like this is going to be the most pressure I put on myself to show up at my absolute best. I want this to be peak Chris.”

Bumstead has continued to share some massive diet plans and workouts in the gym since returning from his short hiatus. This includes hitting workouts with the likes of Hadi Choopan and Ryan Terry. Bumstead has teased the idea of retirement over the last few years but still has that fire to compete.

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“You don’t realize how specific it is to have good sleep and have good rest and be calm when you eat your meals so your digestion is good and your insulin is all okay and everything is going through your body and recovering properly.”

Bumstead touched on many areas in the video from bodybuilding to becoming a father. As the calendar turned to June, he shared that he is about a month away from Olympia prep.

Chris bumstead's 2024 workout and diet plan
Chris Bumstead Exclusive Workout for Generation Iron

Chris Bumstead Talks Olympia Prep

Bumstead has been in the gym working with Hany Rambod and is ready to kick it into another gear.

“I feel like I’m in a good place with my prep, both mentally and physically.

It’s peak offseason and prep is really supposed to start in July so that’s like 16 weeks out. We’re about 20 weeks out right now so it’s rolling and it’s getting close. Grind time and time to get huge for prep.”


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Chris Bumstead has been open about his mentality year after year as he prepares for the biggest bodybuilding show in the world. This year, he knows what he can do and this has eliminated any fear.

“I’ve done it for 10 years, I’ve won five Olympias, so I don’t really get that same fear. I know what I’m capable of. It’s almost like a completely new experience where I’ve earned the right to not feel scared over time. The fact that it’s earned and not given is the most important part.”

Outside of the gym, Bumstead has enjoyed being a new father.

“Every year I’ve had an injury or a sickness or something come up. This year, it’s a baby and it’s the greatest challenge ever. I will take that all day, any day over anything else.”

The goal is simple. Bumstead is interested in winning his sixth consecutive Olympia title and remaining at the top of Classic Physique.

“Full steam ahead. I’ve got about four, five or six weeks until prep starts. So, it’s grind time right now. Training at 100%, food at 100%, sleep at 100%. Everything is just go, go, go. I’m looking forward to this year being the best year yet.

We’re going for six. Going for that Michael Jordan six rings.”

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