Chris Bumstead On Idea Of Retirement: “I Always Said I Wouldn’t Go Past 30”

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Chris Bumstead acknowledged that bodybuilding isn’t forever but when will the end come?

Chris Bumstead continues to be at the top of bodybuilding but the conversation about retirement has surfaced in recent years. Bumstead has not shared an exact date but has been open about his plans. This includes not going past 30 years old. Newly 29, this means that Bumstead might have some decisions to make coming up.

Chris Bumstead is coming off his fifth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title just a few weeks ago. His prep for this show seemed to be a bit easier than that of 2022, when Bumstead had to battle a torn bicep on his way to victory. Bumstead has talked about many treatments to stay ahead of his health.

Aside from ice baths, which Bumstead is a big promoter of for his overall recovery, he also goes through different stem cell injections that produce different benefits.

Bumstead has always made sure to keep his health in good standings, which is why the topic of retirement has swirled.

Chris Bumstead's off-season nutrition and push-pull-leg training
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Chris Bumstead: “Bodybuilding Isn’t Forever”

Chris Bumstead joined Jordan B. Peterson for an interview where the two covered many topics from on and off the stage. Bumstead was able to discuss his life outside of bodybuilding, his family, and much more.

The conversation eventually went into Bumstead’s long-term plans. While he did not share an exact timeframe, his thoughts seem to be the same.

“I always said I wouldn’t go past 30. So now that I’m approaching that age, I’m coning to that point where I’m like, coming to the understanding there isn’t going to be one mountain. There is going to be many.

I’ve always been pretty transparent that bodybuilding isn’t forever for me. I’m grateful I got successful at a young age so I can retire at a young age.”


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Bumstead has become arguably the biggest bodybuilder in the world in terms of popularity. He has been able to grow his brand off the stage but this has also “taken a lot out of him.”

“This past year, I had a lot of things on my plate and I spread myself way too thin. I wasn’t able to compete at the level I wanted to at the beginning of the year.

I was trying to be good, wearing too many hats while still being Mr. Olympia but it also showed me that if I want to be the best father I can be, the best husband I can be, the best businessman, the best everything I can be, bodybuilding is going to take away from that.”

It will be interesting to see any decisions made by Chris Bumstead over the next year now that he is getting closer and closer to 30 years old. For now, he remains the five-time reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion and sights are set on 2024.

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