NPC Bodybuilder Daniel Quattlebaum Passed Away From Injuries Following Motorcycle Accident


Daniel Quattlebaum was a champion bodybuilder at the NPC level.

NPC bodybuilder Daniel Quattlebaum passed away on Saturday, May 27th 2023 after sustaining injuries from a motorcycle accident. According to WYFF4 News of South Carolina, authorities claim Quattlebaum’s motorcycle hit the rear of a sedan and he was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital following the crash.

Troopers say the accident occurred at 12:13 PM on Friday on I-85 Southbound in Greenville County, SC. The 50-year-old bodybuilder was treated for his injuries at the hospital before passing away on Saturday.

There were no further details shared about his injuries following the accident.

Daniel Quattlebaum’s Successful Bodybuilding Career

Daniel Quattlebaum enjoyed great success at the amateur level during his bodybuilding career. He displayed a slim build packed with plenty of muscle on stage. He kept his physique in great condition and shredded, which helped him in the eye of the judges.

Quattlebaum first competed in 2011 during the NPC Junior USA Championships. His career spanned across a decade, hitting its peak in 2021. After winning the NPC Victory Classic in 2019, Quattlebaum earned his second victory at the event in 2021. That same year, he also won the NPC Universe & NPC National Fitness Championships. He earned four victories during his career.

The devastating news involving Daniel Quattlebaum comes in the same week where “Mighty” Mike Quinn passed away after a long battle with an illness. At the end of 2021, Shawn Rhoden and George Peterson passed away within weeks of each other. In April 2022, Cedric McMillan died due to issues with his heart.

According to an obituary, there will be a memorial service on Wednesday at the Robinson Funeral Home Chapel in Easley, SC to celebrate the life of Daniel Quattlebaum. Generation Iron sends condolences to family and friends during this time.

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