Best Tips To Start Training For A Bodybuilding Competition

Bodybuilder Training Tips

Set yourself up for success with these tips to start your road toward competing in bodybuilding

Even the thought of preparing for an event, let alone starting the actual process, can be more than enough to turn you off from contest prep. The intimidation of your first time doing anything can be terrifying, let alone something that requires the utmost discipline, time, sacrifice, and overall respect that the sport of bodybuilding deserves. With so many vital elements of the sport necessary to achieve that dense, toned aesthetic, the confusion and anxiety are enough to send you in a tailspin.

Knowing what is required is half the battle for once a plan is laid out for contest prep and structured in a way to help you succeed, the execution becomes fun. Instead of chasing your tail trying to keep up with the demand that such workouts entails, construct a solid plan and be prepared for full engagement. With this, crucial mistakes will not be made and things will run as smoothly as possible. Of course, roadblocks can pop up and challenge you, but facing adversity is key to succeeding in anything.

While plans may differ from person to person, these tips will help prepare you for the road ahead. Some days will be frustrating while others may be rewarding, but keep that bodybuilders mentality and that first event will be under your belt in no time.

Stick To Your Plan No Matter What Comes Your Way

Your plan should consist of a good schedule, nutrition list, and recovery sessions to keep you focused and running at optimal capacity. Structure your day around work, class, or social events to include a good amount of time to work out. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, but make sure you give yourself time to warm-up, exercise hard, and cool down.

Focusing on multi-joint exercises not only promotes growth but can shave off a little time for other exercises or stretches. The crucial thing is to stick to your plan. Change things up as desired for maximum benefit, but with a rough outline, the foundation to succeed is there. When the going gets tough, grind it out and stay strong.

One thing to do is upper body work and lower body work so every day you feel like like your doing the most. This will make building muscle much easier from weight lifting either with high or low intensity. Prior to this, work to build muscle and perform reps in a good range so your goal is met and whatever you have to do is a must.

Bodybuilder Training Tips

Have Support Around You For When You Need It

Getting a solid support group around you helps many stay on track and accountable to not only them, but to yourself. Grab a lifting partner to have someone to cheer you on, spot you on big lifts, and bounce ideas about nutrition or exercises off of. Whether it be someone also working towards an event or a friend you trust that wants to get big also, a lifting partner can be a huge benefit to getting on the right track.

If you are someone that responds better to a trainer, research some in your area who know about the sport or at least what it takes to achieve your goals. The right coaching can go a long way and provide you with motivation as well guidance on how to properly lift.

If you exercise better on your own, have people outside the gym that support your goals and who you are comfortable with sharing your struggles. Even the toughest people need some encouragement so do not be afraid to reach out for that boost if you start feeling down.

Find A Good Gym That Supports A Healthy Environment & Good Atmosphere

Not all gyms are suitable for the kind of lifting that is required for preparing for an event. Often times certain gyms will not have the required equipment to adequately train to the capacity needed. Look into gyms that have high quality equipment because they may offer certain services as well as an in-house trainer who can get you going on a solid path. The atmosphere of a gym is vital to keep in mind as well.

If people around you give off competitive vibes, you are in the right place. Having that mindset to grind it out may come from within, but your environment can play an equally as important role in gaining serious momentum. When looking to lose body fat and aid in fat loss, high intensity natural bodybuilding is a great way to conduct your weight training for a pre contest training program per week.

Bodybuilder Training Tips

Nutrition Is Key & Should Be Most Important For Your Routine

Nutrition is key for you need that fuel to sustain growth, but also energy when grueling workouts appear on the schedule. Track your caloric intake and plan your ratios of fats, carbs, and proteins to give you the best chance to succeed. Lean proteins like turkey, chicken, and white fish are great along with steak, eggs, and game meats to bulk you up since protein is essential. Brown rice, sweet potato, oats, and pasta are just some of the many carbs to fuel you and they go well with any green vegetable.

For good fats, look into walnuts, almonds, avocados, olive oil, and cheese. With a solid foods list and intake, grocery shopping becomes easy and you will notice the gains in the gym and less body fat for contest preparation and that great physique. This will be from a greater dietary program as you take dieting as heavy as possible as a fierce competitor to use all options possible.

Supplements are worth looking into to add to your regiment as well. Glucosamine, calcium, and multi-vitamins are great options to increase immune health and your joints. Fat burners can increase your metabolism and boost your energy while doing a solid job at burning fat and keeping that lean muscle from deteriorating.

Pre-workout supplements are a great energy boost as well and can raise the level of nitric oxide in the blood, increasing the amount of weight you can lift. For that post-workout recovery and growth, a meal replacement shake is good supplement to add per day to aid in muscle mass and exercise performance, as well as a good physique from your meals and healthy calories from higher and healthier foods that you want.

Lift Smart & Stay Injury And Pain Free To Keep Working Hard

Lifting smart is often overlooked by athletes for many want to get in, get big, and get out when it comes to exercise prep. But without proper form and care you run the risk of injury which can put you out of commission and stall your workouts. Understanding the science behind a workout and what muscles to work is critical to get the most out of each workout.

This is where a trainer can come in handy for they know the ropes and can even provide exercises you may have overlooked in your research to lower your risk of injury for every exercise. This will allow you to compete due to weights lifted, what you might eat, and what you could do to get to pro level.

Bodybuilder Training Tips

Rest And Recovery For Optimal Growth & Gains

Taking rest and recovery seriously is just as important for muscle growth and success in the gym as the actual workout when considering prep. By stretching, you force the fascia, tissue around the muscle, to expand allowing for more blood flow increasing muscle growth.

It is smart to stretch before and after a workout, but even during. Stretching the muscle right after an exercise puts more pressure on the fascia leading to expansion. Hydration should be front and center because with insufficient hydration, your muscles can fatigue and become compromised. Staying hydrated will give you the energy you need while giving your body that vital nutrient to sustain growth along with protein.

Wrap It All Up

Working for anything new can be hard, especially with other competitors working hard. When faced with the desire to start training for a competition, you may feel so overwhelmed that you decide against it. Take it one step at a time and focus on a first plan of attack.

With the right guidance on nutrition and workouts, mixed with supplements and recovery, you will find yourself on track to see huge gains. Have people around to support your goals and enjoy the process because when that event rolls around, you will look and feel amazing and people will notice that stellar body.

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