VIDEO: Daniel Ryjov Completes Eye-Opening 90 Reps Of 225 Pounds On Bench Press

Bench Press

Daniel Ryjov looks as strong as ever following a tricep tear.

Daniel Ryjov has made a career putting together some insane accomplishments in the gym. The fitness star has made a name for himself using his ability to press an insane amount of weight — whether it be on the bench press or shoulder press. Recently, Ryjov did it again completing 90 continuous reps on bench press using 225 pounds.

Ryjov wore elbow wraps during this set to avoid injury. This is something that is common when lifting heavy weight and something that Ryjov knows about. The amazing aspect of this feat of strength is that Ryjov is still recovering from a torn tricep, which he suffered four months ago.

Despite rehabbing an injury, it is clear that Ryjov is as strong as ever and will only go up from here.

Daniel Ryjov Approaches 100 Reps

The video began with Daniel Ryjov pumping out reps at a fast-pace. Once he hit 75, give or take, Ryjov began slowing down but still exploded through each rep. Once he hit 90, Ryjov racked the weight but it is clear that he had plenty in the tank.

Ryjov admitted in the caption that he was going for 100 reps but miscounted over the course of the exercise.

“225×90 for a new World Record… thought I did 100 😅😅 mis counted”


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The bench press for reps has become extremely popular and 225 pounds seems to be the mark that is used. The NFL Combine has made this famous but no athlete has ever come close to 90 reps. Justin Ernest of Eastern Kentucky holds the record of 51 reps, which was set in 1999. Only Stephen Paea of Oregon State in 2011 has come within range with 49 reps.

Daniel Ryjov will return to his quest of 700 pounds on the bench. This was his goal before he suffered his injury, hindering some progress when it comes to lifting heavy. Now that he is loosening up a bit, it is likely that Ryjov hits the ground running.

Ryjov connotes to be one of the most popular fitness stars out there because of his feats of strength and chest building workouts. He is able to accomplish eye-popping lifts in the gym and it happened once again with 90 reps on the bench.


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