Hany Rambod On Derek Lunsford’s Future: ‘He’s Going To Be In Open, It’s Just A Matter Of When’

Hany Rambod

Hany Rambod believes that Derek Lunsford will eventually make the move to Open Bodybuilding.

Reigning 212 Olympia champion Derek Lunsford recently appeared as a guest poser during the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro. After originally not be scheduled to appear, Lunsford stepped on stage and turned heads immediately. So much so that coach Hany Rambod discussed a potential move to Open Bodybuilding, which he described as “inevitable.”

Lunsford has been one of the top 212 competitors for years now. He has built a reputation as a hard worker in the gym and was able to reach the pinnacle of the sport in 2021. Lunsford upset Shaun Clarida at the Olympia and will now look to defend his title.

The Pittsburgh Pro saw the likes of Nick Walker, Brandon Curryand Hunter LabradaLunsford was not on the regional list but decided to step in once Big Ramy was taken off. Next to some of the other mass monsters in Open, Lunsford stood out and sparked the conversation on his potential move.

“There’s a lot of things that we have to do to try to work around the fact that his body does want to get bigger. That’s why it’s inevitable that’s he’ going to be in Open, it’s just a matter of when and we have to sit down and figure that out and have those conversations now after he guest posed,” Rambod said.

What is Derek Lunsford’s Potential in Open?

Derek Lunsford has put on some incredible size and this is the reason he looks like he can stack up against some of the best in the world in another division. Rambod discussed how others have seen Lunsford since his guest posing appearance in Pittsburgh.

“I looked over at Jay Cutler and asked ‘what do you think’ and he said ‘ridiculous’. He looks good right, and he said, ‘no, he looks amazing’. The judges were offering feedback, hitting me up, they’re like wow. All of a sudden my phone started blowing up because the pictures hit the internet.”

Since this appearance, Lunsford has been given even more hype. This began in October when he took down Clarida in 212 and will be taken up a notch heading into the Olympia this year.

Lunsford finished as the runner-up during the Olympia in 2018 and 2019. He saw his production drop in 2020 by finishing fourth. From this moment on, Lunsford began working on improvements and it paid dividends. He was able to jump all the way to champion last year. Despite his success in 212, Rambod believes that there is still some thinking to do on a potential switch.

“It’s still a tough decision as much as everyone wants me to sit there, and tell you he’s going one way or another. It’s definitely something we are sitting down and having to consider. There’s ramifications beyond him just competing that people don’t realize.”

Will Derek Lunsford Make Weight In 212?

The work ethic of Derek Lunsford makes it difficult to believe that he will be unable to do anything. Hany Rambod did express some concern on the bodybuilder being able to make weight for 212.


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 “It’s going to be difficult, it’s super difficult. He was already flat last year. He’s put on a lot of good muscle and he’s keeping the calories and the food really low. Everyone is like, oh man he must be blowing up because he wants to do the Open, Hany has him doing the open.”

These speculations have come after Lunsford showcased incredible size in Pittsburgh. To this point, there is no plan of a switch and Rambod wanted to clarify that this has not been the plan.

“This is not something we were planning to do whatsoever. It was not something, like this was a prelude or a sneak-peek of him doing the Open, not at all. This was literally trying to be the best version of him, so he can be in striking distance of doing the 212 to hold on to his crown and that’s what this is about.”

At the end of the day, it is about how Lunsford might be able to stack up against other mass monsters in Men’s Open. Thanks to a surprise and unplanned guest posing appearance, the conversation has begun and Rambod believes a switch will come at some point.

“All of a sudden, you see them start posing next to each other and that’s when you can see it. Wait a minute, this guy that’s supposed to be a lot smaller than everyone else, looks just as big because again, bodybuilding is an illusion.”

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