Dorian Yates Shares Current Leg Day Routine Used To Maintain Massive Quads At 62 Years Old

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Dorian Yates continues to train his legs in a big way every week!

Dorian Yates is one of the legends of bodybuilding and continues to train at a high level in retirement. Recently, he showed off his massive quads at 62 years old and discussed his current leg routine.

“Gone are the days of 1,500lb leg press and six plates a side on smith machien squats but a lot of the muscle and definition remains.”

Yates burst onto the scene thanks to his insane size in his back. Of course, his entire physique was massive and had the right conditioning to reach the pinnace of the sport. In 1991, Yates made his Olympia debut and was only topped by eight-time champion Lee Haney.

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From 1992-1997, Yates did not lose a competition and racked up six-consecutive Olympia titles. Following his final victory on the biggest stage, Yates retired from bodybuilding after suffering different injuries. In retirement, Yates has maintained a shredded physique while sharing his wisdom in the gym.

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Dorian Yates Discusses Leg Day

During an Instagram video, Dorian Yates showed off his insane legs and discussed what his training consists of. It is much less than during his career but he has continued to maintain shredded legs.

“Once a week, lower body, once a week upper body for half an hour to 45 minutes. I do a lot of biking as well so that’s keeping them in shape.

I only really do seated leg extensions and both seated and lying hamstring curls along with some bodyweight squats, so no leg pressing or hack squats. I also ride my bike and do interval training too.”


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Yates was asked about his calves after flexing. He shared that he does not train his calves actively and hasn’t for years.

“And for my calves, I haven’t done calf raises in years. I mainly maintain them by walking predominantly now.”

“I trained them about 27 years ago. Since 1998, when I last did my calves, so 26 years.”

Dorian Yates is one of the best bodybuilders of all-time. He put together a championship career and continues to maintain a shredded physique in retirement, including his legs.

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