Dorian Yates Displays Legendary Back At 62 Years Old In Latest Update

Dorian Yates back

Dorian Yates continues to have an insane back at 62 years old.

Dorian Yates quickly became known for his back on stage and it led to a legendary career. At 62 years old, the six-time Olympia champ remains in great shape and recently showed it off on social media.

Yates burst onto the scene thanks to his insane size in his back. Of course, his entire physique was massive and had the right conditioning to reach the pinnace of the sport. In 1991, Yates made his Olympia debut and was only topped by eight-time champion Lee Haney.

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From 1992-1997, Yates did not lose a competition and racked up six-consecutive Olympia titles. Following his final victory on the biggest stage, Yates retired from bodybuilding after suffering different injuries. In retirement, Yates has maintained a shredded physique while sharing his wisdom in the gym.

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Dorian Yates Maintains Insane Back

Dorian Yates was accompanied by his dog during a swim in the ocean. He spoke on the importance of spending time outside while showing off his shredded physique.

“Just spending time outdoors is a must I believe for everyone, especially grounding which allows you to connect yourself to the earth and receive negative ions that have an antioxidant effect on the body.”


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Dorian Yates Favorite Back Exercise: Barbell Rows

Barbell rows work on your upper and lower back, hips, and arms. They are a two-step move where you lift the barbell from the ground, angle your chest, so it is parallel to the ground, and then lift and lower the barbell in a series of reps. Barbell rows are sometimes called bent-over rows.



Dorian Yates has a style he’s found very effective when doing his barbell rows. In fact, he says he remembers sharing a style change with fellow bodybuilder and business mogul Paul Baxendale and watching it give him results.


Yates uses a reverse grip with hands spaced about 16 to 18 inches apart. He then ensures that he always pulls the barbell to his waist.

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