Dorian Yates Shows Off His Quarantine Exercise Routine

Dorian Yates shows off his quarantine training.

With the world in currently in turmoil many people are finding it difficult to live their normal lives. For athletes of every kind of background their usual training isn’t an option. It’s truly disheartening to be away from the gym during a time like this. But despite having to be in quarantine, everyone is finding their own way to cope.

Six-time Olympia champion Dorian Yates is finding ways to train while in quarantine. While The Original Mass Monster may not train like a pro bodybuilder these days, he is still training hard will away from the gym.

In the Instagram post below Dorian Yates shows exactly how he’s been training in lockdown while in his home in Spain.

Hi guys 10 lockdown here in Spain …( I am locked down with @gal_yates so it could be worse 😀). working with what I have to keep moving and blasting away the cobwebs that start to creep in mentally and physically I have a kettlebell and a yoga mat to keep my movement…let’s find some positive here ..take time to read , meditate , catch on communications with loved ones 🙏Energy!

While training with kettlebells may not be a bodybuilder’s go to, it’s certainly an effective exercise. when you consider that this quarantine could take a considerable amount of time, it could be the perfect exercise tool.

What do you think of Dorian Yates and his quarantine workout?

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