Dr. Testosterone discusses the amount of PEDs used in bodybuilding today – and if bigger size always means more drugs.

While it’s not openly discussed by untested leagues or active pro athletes, it’s a common understanding that PED use is common in the sport. The concept of mass monsters, to many, seem only possible by taking PEDs such as steroids. But with many different divisions and physique sizes across the sport – do bigger physiques always mean more PED use? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone explains why the biggest Men’s Open bodybuilder might not always be use the most PEDs.

The common argument that PED use is common in untested bodybuilding leagues comes down to a simple comparison. If you look at a natural bodybuilding league’s best athletes vs an untested league’s best athletes – the size difference is astronomical. Of course, this also has created a common perception about PED use in bodybuilding. The bigger the mass monster, the more PEDs used. But is that always true?

Dr. Testosterone answers this very question during our video conversation. He admits that in general, this is true. A Men’s Physique bodybuilder would need less drugs to obtain the comparatively smaller size of their division. It would essentially be a waste for a Men’s Physique athlete to take as many steroids as a Men’s Open competitor. That being said, this is just a broad stroke statement. Exceptions always exist.

For example, genetics play a huge role in the capability of a bodybuilder. Regardless of drug use, some individuals need to work harder than others to build up muscle size. Dr. Testosterone uses Lee Haney and Rich Gaspari as an example. Lee Haney can grow to an impressive size very quickly with less effort than a bodybuilder like Rich Gapsari. That’s not to say that Haney put in no effort. It just means that his extremely hard effort goes a longer way.

So if you add PEDs into the mix – the same rules apply. It’s possible for the biggest mass monster on stage to be using less drugs than a smaller bodybuilder standing next to him. This is largely due to genetics and what each individual needs to reach their goals. How much work is put into training also affects this as well. While most elite pro bodybuilders certainly train their asses off – there is still variety in work ethic. It’s unavoidable.

So what’s the bottom line? Perhaps it’s less helpful to comment on drug use based on someone’s size. Just because a bodybuilder is the biggest mass monster on the planet doesn’t meant they are a steroid junkie. The fact of the matter is – as audience members watching, we have no clue what the truth is behind the physique. It’s all speculation.

You can watch Dr. Testosterone go into more detail about the amount of PEDs used in modern bodybuilding right here. Make sure to check out our latest GI Exclusive interview above!

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