Dr. Testosterone answers how long it takes for steroid use to deplete your natural ability to produce testosterone.

For those who have been following closely, it’s quite clear that continued steroid use leads to low natural testosterone levels. This long term use can have a very long term effect on testosterone after coming off PEDs for good. Usually, individuals will go into testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for the remainder of their lives. This might beg the question – how long can someone use steroids without requiring TRT afterwards? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone explains the factors that can affect how and when bodybuilders will require testosterone replacement therapy.

The topic of steroids in sports, including bodybuilding, is a hotly debated issue and has been for many decades. There’s no denying that long term steroid use can lead to serious health problems. But there are those who are skeptical of just how dire those health problems can become. One thing that is undeniable is its effect on natural testosterone production in the body.

During our conversation with Dr. George Touliatos, aka Dr. Testosterone, we asked him to go into detail about steroid use and testosterone replacement therapy. For how long can a bodybuilder use steroids before their body is unable to produce testosterone naturally? Is there a hard out moment that they can stop to prevent long term damage? Or will even the most casual of steroid users require TRT in their future?

Much like nearly all drugs, Dr. Testosterone explains it depends on a variety of factors. What kind of steroid the person is taking, what size of the dose, and how long of a break between cycles. Then add on top of it that each individual has their own genetic predisposition regarding testosterone production in the body. Some individuals who never use steroids still find themselves with low testosterone at a young age. It’s rare but it can happen.

So these varying factors make it hard to pinpoint an exact timeline for when a bodybuilder, or any steroid user, would face a permanent future on TRT. On average though, Dr. Testosterone seems to place the time limit at about 10 years.

“I guess it depends how early you start it. So if you start in your 30s, I think by your 30s you’ll be toast. And TRT is going to be inevitable,” Dr. Testosterone states in our interview.

He goes on to make clear that anything is possible on an individual level – and nothing is guaranteed. He’s known 30 year olds who have low testosterone and have never taken steroids in their lives. He’s also known 50 year olds with good natural testosterone despite typical aging factors.

Dr. Testosterone also goes into more detail about how testosterone works in the body as a whole. And how trying to artificially boost testosterone will always lead to eventual future issues. Even “kick starting” your testosterone via a booster shot will eventually lead to your body not only reverting back to normal levels – but perhaps falling even lower. It’s like a pendulum that gets more dangerous the more doses you take.

So how does one with naturally low testosterone boost it in a healthy manner? Unfortunately there is no easy trick. Dr. Testosterone explains that it takes time and a dietary habit changes.

You can watch Dr. Testosterone go into full detail about testosterone, TRT, and more in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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