Strongman Eddie Hall promises a “big announcement” soon regarding his first ever bodybuilding competition.

Strongman Eddie Hall is a true legend in strength sports. He won the World’s Strongest Man in 2017 and has also won national competitions such as UK’s Strongest Man, Britain’s Strongest Man and England’s Strongest Man multiple times. Beyond this, he also transitioned into boxing with an epic rivalry face-off against Hafthor Bjornsson. Most recently, Hall has indicated that he will be transforming his physique for competitive bodybuilding. In our latest episode of the U-Natty States Of America podcast, Eddie Hall talks with Brandon Lirio about his bodybuilding prep and teases his first bodybuilding competition.

There is no denying that Eddie Hall is a mammoth man. His massive size and strength makes him comparable to a boulder – a massive immovable object. A mixture of genetics and incredible hard work has built him to this place and allowed him to succeed as a champion strongman athlete. During his brief foray into boxing, he may not have won his battle against Hafhtor Bjornsson, but his brutal bunches shook the room. All in all – Eddie Hall is a strength beast.

So it was fascinating to see Eddie Hall make his most recent announcement that he would be transitioning into competitive bodybuilding. While sculpting an excellent physique certainly requires powerful strength – it’s more about the consistency of the training and your diet and the ability to manipulate your body to sculpt it like a statue.

Eddie Hall is used to a life of eternally bulking. He’s a massive man and in order to bring his physique into bodybuilding excellence, he will require a lot of changes to his diet and how he trains to best shape his body. It’s unclear how successful he will be at this endeavor – but just like everything he has tried, he will give it 100%.

There have been little to no details about how Eddie Hall will compete in bodybuilding. Will he try to join a league like the NPC and become a pro bodybuilder? Or will he simply do this for himself and showcase his transformation progress?

During Eddie Halls conversation with Brandon Lirio, he hints at the details of his bodybuilding future and also talks about his reason for making this transition. Let’s jump into it.

Eddie Hall plans to compete in a one vs one bodybuilding battle

While talking with Brandon Lirio, Eddie Hall is asked what his specific plans are for his bodybuilding transition. Does he have a competition in mind or a path he plans to take? Unfortunately, Hall can’t share all of the details just yet. But he does tease that an announcement will be coming very soon.

“I can’t say too much yet… I have no illusion that I will come onto the stage and compete with the Big Ramys… I have a big announcement coming soon. I’m going against somebody else who is the same stature as me. And it’s going be me vs him on the stage. So one vs one.”

– Eddie Hall

Based on his statement here, it seems that his first step in competitive bodybuilding will be more of a unique event. Something equivalent to a “super fight” hat we’ve seen in MMA or boxing over the years. Whether or not this will be sanctioned by some sort of pro bodybuilding league is unclear. But what Eddie Hall is describing is something rather unique from your typical bodybuilding competition.

Eddie Hall reflects on his boxing match and rivalry with Hafthor Bjornsson

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson have had quite the intense rivalry. And by many accounts it seems that this is one not just for show. There have been a lot of accusations and trash talk between these two strongmen. And this is well before they ever planned to box.

It seems that the boxing match was more a way to officially let loose on each other in an official capacity. Rather than battle with lifts – they wanted to literally fight each other. Eddie Hall ultimately lost but admits his entire experience prepping for the boxing match was a very hard ordeal.

Hall faced an injury that threw off his entire training. By the time he was ready to officially box – he still couldn’t use one arm to full capacity. But he was so dedicated to the fight that he genuinely thought he could win the boxing match with just one arm.

It didn’t turn out that way but Eddie Hall had no reason to dwell on the experience. He knew that a rematch would likely not happen with Hafthor Bjornsson. So he simply moved on.

When asked about his relationship currently with Hafhtor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall didn’t mince words:

“We’re not friends. Let’s just leave it at that.”

– Eddie Hall on Hafthor Bjornsson

Moving on from boxing is what ultimately led Eddie Hall to head towards his most recent bodybuilding journey. He stated that for his entire life, he always needed a goal to drive him forward. As a kid it was swimming. Then it became strongman. Then boxing. Now it’s his new goal of transforming himself into a bodybuilder.

Wrap Up

Eddie Hall goes into far more detail about his strongman career, boxing stint, and his bodybuilding future during his interview with Brandon Lirio. You can watch the full interview in the latest episode of U-Natty States of America above. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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