EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit Review

This ab roller wheel kit comes with amazing tools to harden your core and see those desired six-pack abs seriously pop.

Product Overview

One of the hardest places to see that much desired progress is in our abs. We try to diet and lift and run and bike, but still struggle with seeing that six-pack really shine through.  There is one piece of equipment you may have seen sitting untouched in the gym, collecting dust in the corner as gym-goers pass this by. But this exercise tool has the ability to really increase core strength and power while also being very affordable and highly effective. The ab roller wheel may seem simple, but the benefits are enough to make you think twice before walking past this vital tool.

The ab rollout exercise is a compound movement, activating many muscles at once to provide for better functionality and strength while increasing overall functional ability and support. It primarily works your rectus abdominis and obliques, but also hits your low back, shoulders, and glutes.

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The benefits of an ab wheel include:

  • Full body workout: By engaging your core and other muscle groups, you can increase strength and provide for much needed support.
  • Promotes better posture and breathing: Can elongate the spine with a long stretching motion and really open your body up (1).
  • Reduce back pain: By strengthening your core, you alleviate unwanted pain and strain off your low back (2).
  • Easy to learn & convenient: Learning proper form is easy and this simple tool can work wonders for your toning goals.

EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit was a top item for core equipment on our list of the Best Home Gym Equipment Under $100 here!

EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit Highlights

EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit is the perfect workout package to get you started on your journey to six-pack abs. The following are included in this exercise kit: 1 super wide roller wheel, 2 push-up handles, 1 extra thick foam knee pad, and 2 premium resistance bands. Perfect for your home gym workouts, this kit is exactly what you need to round out your workouts.

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Each rep of this exercise will work your muscles to see that desired strength as well as decrease your risk of injury. Superior quality ensures safety and comfort and a 100% money back guarantee should be comforting knowing this company has your back if you are unsatisfied with the product.

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Product Details

Super Wide Roller Wheel

This ultra-wide ab wheel offers great stability while also allowing unrestricted movement for a solid core workout. Made from stainless steel, non-slip TPR, and durable PVC, this 3.2’’ wide wheel offers comfort and support while being noiseless and perfect for everyone. Holding up to 600 lbs., this wheel is perfect for toning and firing up your core muscles for whatever workout you need.

Push-Up Handles

The benefit of these push-up handles is that you get a longer range of motion when performing your push-up for optimal effectiveness when it comes to chest growth. Able to support a variety of exercises, these handles provide less stress on your wrists and enhance your grip to provide for a great addition to your workout.

Extra Thick Foam Knee Pad

This extra thick foam knee pad is a nice addition for those who experience knee pain when performing exercises on the ground. With an increased load on your knee when performing the ab wheel exercise, this foam pad can offer comfort and added support so your workouts aren’t stunted by unwanted knee pain.

Premium Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are great for added extra resistance for more time under tension and to help build mind-muscle connection. They can assist in muscle growth while also aiding in an increased range of motion to activate more muscle fibers. This can be connected to the ab roller wheel when rolling out to a full extended position, or when you are doing push-ups to add that extra level of resistance when it comes to controlling your movements, both on the way down and up.

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Price & Effectiveness

EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit is full of equipment to provide great benefits to your core strength goals. The ab wheel should not be taken lightly as this exercise can really fire up your core and help you feel a great burn.

Pros: Plenty of equipment to tackle your ab workout goals and easy to incorporate into your routine. The bands offer great assistance for this exercise, as well as others. The price is good for what is included.

Cons: Some quality control issues were reported with the handles and mechanical stability.

Price: $29.98

Wrap Up

Working our cores can be a challenge and too often do we haphazardly go through the motions of an ab workout hoping we see that desired growth. EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel Kit is a great exercise pack to get us started on our journey to those six-pack abs that we so desperately seek. Consisting of the ultra-wide ab wheel, push-up handles, foam knee pad, and resistance bands, everything you need for that home gym workout is included in this quality and effective exercise kit. What you are really getting is a full assortment of quality items from a company who wants you to succeed at a great price. Pick up this ab roller wheel kit today and really work to strengthen that core and see those rock hard abs we know you’ll love.

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