Evlution Nutrition VitaMode Multivitamin Review

VitaMode is a complete daily high performance multivitamin for all of your health and wellness needs.

Product Overview

Multivitamins are great supplemental aids for any person, active or not, to keep pumping you with essential vitamins and minerals to aid in overall health and wellness. For athletes, it can help restore all those vital nutrients lost in workouts. For non-athletes, it can help replace all those lost nutrients from just being alive. Either way, sometimes our diets just aren’t conducive to getting everything we need in our day. Evlution Nutrition VitaMode High Performance Multivitamin is one such supplement to help with that.

For those looking for a solid complete daily high performance multivitamin, VitaMode has you covered. While many supplements exist, whether it be a krill oil or fish oil supplement, or one of the many powerful multivitamins you find on the market, finding the right one for you is critical to advance your overall health.


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Evlution Nutrition is on a mission to be the most trusted nutrition partner in the supplements world to help you get to where you want to be. Built on passion and drive for health and sport, they are always seeking ways to ensure their products are of the highest quality and most innovative designs to be as effective as possible. Providing many supplements for all aspects of your workout and dietary needs, Evlution Nutrition puts the consumer first with what they offer.

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VitaMode Multivitamin Highlights

As a daily all in one multivitamin, VitaMode is designed to help with performance needs and immune support to keep you as healthy as possible and grinding away. Able to support daily immune health, replenish all of those essential vitamins and minerals lost, pumping you with key minerals that you may miss from your diet and allowing for muscle and mass build up to give you that shredded physique, VitaMode offers you so much more than just your typical multivitamin.

With over 50+ active ingredients, VitaMode will pump you with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other essentials specifically designed for a high performance lifestyle. Clean and pure ingredients, while also being vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, make this an overall accepted and well designed multivitamin for those who push their bodies to the limits each and every day.

Key Ingredients

Zinc: Helps with protein synthesis, reduces oxidative stress (1), and stimulates enzymes to enhance immune support.

Copper: A host of benefits, copper helps with red blood cell production and supports numerous body systems like the nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems.

Vitamin C: Supports your immune system and works to fight free radicals that can destroy healthy cells (2).

Vitamin A & E: Work to help minimize cell damage and stabilize free radicals before they can cause harm and hurt all those fitness and performance goals.

B-Vitamins: Support a healthy metabolism and aid in cellular production by working to boost natural metabolism throughout the day (3).

Selenium: Plays a role in cognitive function (4), cell support and fertility.

Folic Acid: Promotes muscle tissue recovery and aids in protein synthesis by bringing the proper nutrients to areas that need them most.

Biotin: Vital for hair growth (5), keratin production and improving overall skin health.


Price & Effectiveness

Evlution Nutrition VitaMode High Performance Multivitamin comes in at a price of $22.99 for 120 tablets. With two tablets per serving, each container holds 60 servings to give you a good amount with this multivitamin.

Pros: VitaMode has a great formula made from clean ingredients. From a reputable brand at a great price, this is designed for those who live a high performance lifestyle and will really work to give you all those great benefits.

Cons: It was reported to have an unenjoyable after taste and the tablets are rather large in size so those sensitive to swallowing larger pills should keep that in mind.

Emily Plajer

Sponsored Athlete

Emily Plajer is a sponsored athlete who works with Evlution Nutrition to not only keep herself in top shape but also to inspire others to do the same. As an NPC competitor and Overall Bikini Champ, Plajer knows what it takes to keep your body in peak shape while also working on living an overall healthy lifestyle. Supplements like VitaMode ensure Plajer stays healthy and fit to tackle any challenge both inside and out of the gym.

Overall Value

Evlution Nutrition VitaMode High Performance Multivitamin is a fantastic multivitamin supplement to aid in all of your health and wellness needs. Designed for those who live a high performance lifestyle, this multivitamin can help you tackle any challenge that comes your way so you stay healthy and in top shape. With 50+ active ingredients, this multivitamin will pump you full of vitamins, minerals, and an immune support complex to keep you training at that high level. What you are really getting is a great multivitamin from a reputable company at a great price to power any high performance lifestyle. Check out Evlution Nutrition VitaMode today and see what this multivitamin can do for you.

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