Natural Olympia Reigning Champ Paul Krueger Exhibits Favorite Exercise for Monster Shoulders

Paul Krueger's favorite exercise for monster shoulders

2021 Natural Olympia champ Paul Krueger explains why the hammer strength shoulder press is one of his favorite shoulder exercises to build monster shoulders.

Building monster shoulders is imperative in the judge’s eyes for bodybuilding. Broad shoulders increase your shoulder-to-waist ratio, which is key to a V-taper and aesthetic physique. However, since your shoulders are one of your most mobile joints, it’s easily injured. Therefore, you have to find the proper exercise to allow you to grow your shoulders and prevent injury simultaneously. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Paul Krueger says the hammer strength shoulder press is one of his favorite shoulder exercises. He says it allows you to overload your shoulder muscles with minimal chance of injury

Paul Krueger is the reigning champion (Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Open) of Natural Olympia. And he plans to seize the crown again this year. Paul Krueger released a video explaining why he loves the hammer strength shoulder press on social media. Krueger stated:

“Growing big ass shoulders hammer strength plate loaded shoulder press. Here we go! This is one of my favorite exercises for shoulders as I get the most out of it with minimal risk of injury. It’s a very powered-based move.”

You can see his complete statement and video explaining how to do the exercise below. 


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Natural Olympia Vs. Olympia 

Natural Olympia is the Super Bowl of all natural bodybuilding competitions hosted by the INBA PNBA – the most significant natural bodybuilding organization with competitors representing over 60 countries. It’s similar to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro’s Olympia. The difference is that athletes that participate in Natural Olympia are drug tested. Each INBA PNBA competitor is subjected to the most thorough drug testing standards – the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which the Olympics use. 

Denny Kakos (founder) hopes to bring bodybuilding to the Olympics via natural bodybuilding. The Olympics prohibit drug use and most bodybuilders who aren’t competing in natural bodybuilding dope. 

There are many categories at Natural Olympia, including Men’s Sport Model, Men’s Bodybuilding Masters, Women’s Physique, and Bikini Angels. However, the Men’s Bodybuilding category is the main bodybuilding category and offers the largest cash payout. 

Natural Olympia Champions

The first Natural Olympia champion dates back to 1998, with John Hansen becoming the first ever to win the Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Open in Corinth, Greece. Since then, many other athletes have won, including Philip Ricardo Jr. (2007, 2008, 2015, 2019), Kiyoshi Moody (2009-2014), and now, Paul Krueger (2021). 

John Hansen is a three-time Natural Universe champion and wrote for Iron Man Magazine. And he wrote the book Natural Bodybuilding in 2005. Philip Ricardo Jr. is still competing to this day, and he’s the reigning Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters champion. Ricardo Jr. also hosts the Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International show. Today, Paul Krueger is the most recent champ and has high hopes for the future. 

2022 Natural Olympia will be filled with competitive athletes ranging in all categories. For example, Alondra Chatman (Figure 2021 champion) and Derek Joe (Classic Physique 2021 champ). 

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