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Three keys to weight loss.

We have all heard our friends, family, and extended relatives speak about their goals of losing weight; how this time it will be different, and how this time they are seriously committed to the process.

Some may have even succeeded along the way. However, long term success tends to be more challenging. The same people that were so motivated to attain a different end result fail. The weight comes back, and in some cases, even to a worse extent than prior to the start of the new plan.

Why does this occur? Why do so many people begin with good intentions and lose their way to a healthier lifestyle? Why is it so difficult to maintain the new weight for the duration?

It comes down to three simple elements that people tend to overlook. The elements are as follows:

1. Setting realistic and attainable goals

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In this day and age, and in our culture, we have been programmed to desire instant results and instant gratification. Therefore, we want to lose thirty pounds in thirty days! Though possible, this is highly unrealistic, and even unhealthy. It does not take a person a month or two to put the weight on, so it isn’t going to take a month or two to lose all of it either. The goal needs to be realistic. Losing a .5lb-1lb of body fat per week fits the realm of manageable and sustainable weight loss. Some weeks may be better than others, but this is a more realistic, healthy, and attainable number. Therefore, if one wanted to lose 20lbs, one should estimate that it will take about 20 weeks to achieve the target weight.

Greg Robinson
Greg Robinson is 33 years old and a natural pro bodybuilder. This year he has placed first in his Men’s Open Bodybuilding Class at the OCB Battle for the Belt in Burlington, NJ and took 2nd in his pro debut on Sept 27th, 2014 at the ANBF Jersey Shore Natural VIII. He currently is the bodybuilding representative for the American Natural Bodybuilding Federation and maintains a full time job as an Index Manager You can find Greg Robinson on his Facebook and Twitter below.