Bodybuilding Legend Frank Zane Comments On Mike O’Hearn’s Natty Status

Mike O'Hearn

Frank Zane was recently asked about the natty or not status of Mike O’Hearn.

Bodybuilding legend Frank Zane enjoyed a career that has him up there with the all-time greats in bodybuilding. In a recent interview with Lisa Alastuey, the three-time Olympia champion was asked questions about modern day bodybuilding, along with other topics. Since he has spent some time with Mike O’HearnZane was asked if he believed O’Hearn was natural.

Zane won the Olympia three years in a row from 1977-1979. He added other victories in major competitions such as Mr. Universe and Mr. America. At 80 years old, Zane continues to train in the gym and keep up a steady diet. While he does not do online training, he works with some high-profile names and O’Hearn is on that list.

O’Hearn has visited Zane previously for training sessions. He is known for his shredded physique at 53 years old. O’Hearn has appeared in bodybuilding competitions while also working as a fitness model and actor. Zane believes that if O’Hearn focused on bodybuilding fully, he could be successful.

“Mike O’Hearn has been training with me. He’s publicized some stuff and probably, he could be the next big thing in bodybuilding, if he choses to do so…He’s 53, you know, and he’s right on top of the world, I think, 275 pounds, 6’2, he’s huge,” Frank Zane said.


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Of course, the topic of his natty status was brought up. This is a discussion that has surrounded many in recent weeks. O’Hearn claims that he has a natural physique and Zane thinks that is his own business.

“I don’t know. I don’t ask people that question. That’s their own personal business.”

“Well it’s not to their advantage to admit it so they don’t admit it but it’s none of my business. I don’t care. What they do is what they do.”

Frank Zane

Frank Zane Speaks On Bodybuilding Today

It is no secret that size has completely taken over bodybuilding. Competitors are reaching 300 pounds during prep and packing on insane size while remaining shredded. Zane spoke on the issue of steroids in the sport and compared it to what was around when he was competing.

“In my day, there really wasn’t once around. There was oral steroids like dianabol or anavar. Then there were injectable steroids like primobolan or deca-durabolin or straight testosterone…You’d be better off if you went to a medical doctor to do that. There were some doctors who specialized in hormone replacement. That’s what it’s called today,” Frank Zane said.

During his career, Frank Zane competed at or around 190 pounds. This is 100 or even more pounds less than some competitors in Men’s Open today. There was an unfortunate string of deaths last year in the sport and this sparked the question of steroids and the overall dangers.


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Frank Zane explained his mindset when competing and how he feels that competitors would benefit, health-wise, from focusing on quality rather than putting on size at a fast pace.

“I think they’re getting bad advice from somebody and they’re overdoing it. their blood pressure is going through the roof and something happens. My motto has always been ‘take your time and do a good job.’ Let your bodybuilding career last overtime and improve incrementally, not all at once. Take a lot of drugs and you can get real big, real fast but it’s not quality. It’s just piling muscle on without any kind of plan. It’s a bad idea.”

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