George Farah’s Honest Opinion On Phil Heath’s Olympia 2020 Comeback

George Farah: “They put Phil Heath exactly where he belonged.”

Not too long ago, Phil Heath was the dominant champion with seven Mr. Olympia titles under his belt. He seemed unstoppable and many believed he would match, if not surpass, the 8x Olympia record set by both Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. In the end, this didn’t happen. Heath was dethroned in 2018 by Shaun Rhoden. He then took a year off. Many thought he may never return.

But with a sudden burst of excitement, Phil Heath announced he would make his comeback just one year later in 2020. He seemed more confident than ever and was laser focused on matching Ronnie Coleman’s and Lee Haney’s eight title wins. The drama was set. It seemed to be the ultimate comeback story. Except it wasn’t. Instead, Phil Heath seemed plagued by the same problems he held in 2018. He ultimately placed third at the Olympia 2020. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we turn to legendary trainer George Farah for his honest opinion on Phil Heath’s comeback physique.

George Farah has been behind some of the most legendary pro bodybuilders in history. His name is known for a reason. He is noted as one of the most legendary bodybuilding coaches in the history of the sport. A bodybuilding coach that had the magic touch. That’s why we asked him for his honest analysis of Phil Heath’s physique during the 2020 Mr. Olympia. Was he better than his 2018 performance and simply outmatched by young blood? Or was he missing the mark in terms of expectations?

George Farah felt a little disappointed by the physique we ultimately saw on Phil Heath. this was largely due to the perceived rejuvenated energy of Phil Heath leading into the show. He seemed rested after a year off and ready to bring a physique more matched to his prime years. Perhaps it was just the narrative that drummed up excitement – but Farah truly believed we would see Phil Heath back in pitch perfect form.

George Farah didn’t see that on stage. Instead, he believes that Phil Heath still had the same problems he suffered from in 2018. Not only that, but his stomach, in Farah’s opinion, looked worse than ever before.

“It’s a little disappointing. Honestly, I can say I’m a little disappointed because… the way he talked I was like, ‘Oh my god this is going to be his show.’ He really made us all believe he is right on the money. And Phil never said anything like that and he didn’t deliver, you know? But then as soon as he came out I was like, ‘Oh my god his stomach is worse.’ He didn’t even not fix it. It looked worse.”

Farah made a point to mention that Heath is still one of the greatest of modern bodybuilding. In fact, his physique was still impressive compared to most on stage. That’s why ultimately, George Farah 100% agrees with the final score given to Heath.

“And I love Phil as a person. I’m just saying as a bodybuilder, they placed him exactly where he belonged. That’s why I feel… because he deserves some respect. Because he still ahs one of the best double biceps, glutes were in, striated hamstring, everything. But that stomach man. It just took a lot off his brilliance.”

It’s commonly known at this point that Phil Heath was dealing with a few surgeries over the years that was affecting his ability to bring in his stomach. Some fans even noticed a difference in the symmetry of his abs due to the surgery. Unfortunately, it seemed as if Phil’s prime was behind him. That is, unless he can bring out something shocking the next time he competes – if he decided to return again.

You can watch George Farah’s full comments on Phil Heath’s Olympia 2020 physique in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.