Hadi Choopan Arrives In USA To Compete In 2024 Arnold Classic

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Hadi Choopan is officially in the USA ahead of the 2024 Arnold Classic.

Hadi Choopan is considered one of the favorites to win the 2024 Arnold Classic. Competitors have had visa issues that have forced them to withdraw from the event but the former Mr. Olympia has not dealt with the same problem. Choopan hs officially arrived in the USA ahead of the Arnold and was seen with coach Hany Rambod in Texas.

Rambod shared a photo with Choopan on Sunday, showing that he has arrived.

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Choopan was victorious after many years during the 2022 Olympia and considered the favorite once again back in November 2023. As the competition went on, it was clear that it was going to be a battle between Choopan and Derek Lunsford. Once the final came around, the judges opted for Lunsford as the 2023 Mr. Olympia champion.

Hadi Choopan shared a posing video ahead of the 2024 Arnold Classic.
Hadi Choopan Instagram

Hadi Choopan In USA Ahead Of Arnold Classic

Over the last month, there have been bodybuilders dropping out of the Arnold Classic due to issues with their visas. It began with Andrew Jacked withdrawing followed by Rubiel Mosquera. There were some concerns about Choopan being able to make it but those have been put to rest.

On Sunday, Hadi Choopan joined Rambod on stage during the NPC USA Texas Seminar in Irving, TX.

Despite the controversial defeat last year, where an improved Derek Lunsford narrowly surpassed him, Choopan remains undeterred. He’s already set on sculpting his physique for the upcoming 2024 Mr. Olympia, a title he is determined to claim. Notably, Choopan has already secured qualification by winning the championship in 2022 and maintaining a top-three placement last year.

Choopan will enter the 2024 Arnold Classic as the favorite to win the title and this will build momentum for the rest of the year. He might be qualified for the Olympia already but Choopan is not taking the time off. After the loss to Lunsford, he wants to return to the stage and get a win under his belt in 2024.

The Arnold Classic is just three weeks away and it is expected to be another exciting edition. The Men’s Open division suffered some losses but the roster remains loaded and Choopan is at the forefront.

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