Chris Aceto Reviews Arnold Classic UK, Answers If Hadi Choopan Is Unbeatable: “People Can Beat Him, There Are Anamolies In The Lineup”

Chris Aceto discusses Hadi Choopan's performance at the Arnold UK.
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Chris Aceto discusses Hadi Choopan’s performance over the weekend.

The Arnold Classic UK is now officially in the books and Hadi Choopan earned his second victory in three weeks. He has made great improvements since the Olympia and seems to have his sights set on regaining the biggest title in sports.

Recently, Chris Aceto spoke on the action from this weekend. Choopan brought some of his best work to the stage, begging the question, can he be beaten moving forward?

“Yeah people can beat him. Derek has beat him so Derek can beat him. I think depending on how his offseason goes and stuff, I think Andrew Jacked can beat him. I think Samson. There are anomalies in the lineup who, because of their frame, can make improvements and make a big impact.”

Choopan defeated Samson Dauda at both the Arnold and Arnold Classic UK. Dauda finished third, behind Choopan and Derek Lunsford, at the 2023 Olympia. It will be a loaded show once again in Men’s Open with many contenders for Lunsford’s championship.

Hadi Choopan Arnold Classic UK
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Chris Aceto Talks Hadi Choopan’s Performance

After Hadi Choopan’s performance in Columbus, there were talks of it being his best physique ever on stage. He followed it up with a victory in Birmingham, UK. Chris Aceto focused on Choopan’s vacuum and how his abs sit high.

“You know what, only his physique, he stands too wide but it works for him. And he sits on his abs and most people sit on their abs, they look shallow up front. They don’t have the width up top, that’s why you’d tell someone stand big. Why? So you can look big to the judges. He is the only guy, him and Brandon Curry, who can sit on their abs and look wide up top.”

Aceto continued to discuss how judges prioritize the midsection.

“The judge wants to see the midsection, right? You’re the judge. You want to see ‘oh they’re conditioned. They have leg separation. What’s their midsection look like?’ It’s all a tell-tale sign of being in condition and his midsection is fantastic but he can sit on his abs where a lot of people, where they sit on their abs, they just end up making themselves look small.”

Hadi Choopan seems to be back after losing the 2023 Olympia. He was in search of redemption and got a taste of it during his two Arnold victories. Now, Choopan can focus on the 2024 Olympia.

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