How To Get Ready For A Workout – Mentally

This Is How You Can Get In The Zone Before A Workout

Working out is as much a psychological game as it’s physiological. If you step inside the gym while you’re on the phone or hit a workout right after an exhaustive day at work, you’re jeopardizing your gains.

Most people never see the desired results in the gym because their mind-muscle connection isn’t optimal. Arnold popularized the concept of using the mind as a tool in carving your dream physique. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

Follow A Routine

Following a routine starts at going to the gym at the same time every day. You should follow a daily routine to enter the ‘zone’ before you start training. Doing the same things every day can turn into a shortcut to priming you mentally for your workout.

Your routine can go as far as doing the same warm-up stretching routine before you get into the workout. It’s better to delay starting your resistance training than to get into the workout without being mentally ready.

Blast Some Music

Good, loud, energetic, motivating music can solve so many of your problems. If you’re having a bad day and don’t feel like hitting the gym, put on a playlist that’ll make you want to kick some butt.

If you’re subscribed to a music service like Spotify, they have many high BPM playlists which will pump you up for your training. Many athletes have also made training playlists on the platform for their fans to follow.

Watch Motivational Videos

If you are someone who needs more stimulus than just audio, watching motivational videos on YouTube should do the trick for you. Many YouTube channels regularly post new motivational videos to pump you up for your workouts.

Watching videos can be a little more helpful as you can see your favorite athletes doing their favorite exercises and sharing their thoughts on training and life. Podcasts are another way of getting in the groove.


Visualization is one of the most under-rated aspects of bodybuilding. Before you get into a workout, you should close your eyes and visualize how you want your muscles to look. Then during your workout, flex in the mirror and visualize your dream physique.

Visualization doesn’t stop at having a picture of your dream physique in your head. You need to put the visualization into action by building a mind-muscle connection during your working sets and contracting the muscles with every repetition.

Use Supplements

With the growing research and development in the health and fitness industry, many supplements have come out in the market which can help boost your mental capabilities for some time.

Pre-workout supplements are a hit with bodybuilders as they help them in delaying fatigue, getting a tunnel vision, better focus, and muscle pumps. You need to figure out what works for you and then double down on it.

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