Jay Cutler Shares Insane Home Workout From Quarantine

Jay Cutler isn’t letting this pandemic interfere with his fitness and neither should you.

One silver lining to come out of this extremely difficult situation is that a lot of bodybuilders are making their home workouts available online free to anyone who wants to use themJay Cutler joined the ranks of bodybuilders sharing their home workout routines with fans in the hopes it could help someone struggling to work out without access to a gym. He even took is a step further and shared with fans that he was offering to write them a free home workout guide if they still needed help figuring out what to do while under quarantine.

“These are really hard times and I know training is everything to a lot of my fans. I won’t stop training (never!!!) and you shouldn’t either, even if means doing weight circuits in your house.  To help you learn how to do this properly, I am writing a FREE home workout guide,” he shared on Instagram. The guide is available to anyone who signs up for JayMail, his personal email service which is completely free to use.

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Jay Cutler’s home garage workout!!! @jaycutler

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Obviously, Jay Cutler of all people has a lot of fitness equipment in his house, but as you can tell by the set-up, it’s really not anything above the average home gym. This isn’t a diss aimed at Jay; it just means there’s less of an excuse for you to not get out there and do this yourself. It’s easy to improvise solutions for working out without most gym equipment. If you don’t have a treadmill, consider using stairs in your house or apartment to work out and get those miles in. If you don’t have stairs, the simplest solution may be to jog a circuit around your house or building, if you’re able. Jay lifts a lot of heavy weight in his garage in this video, but if you don’t have barbells that size lying around in your house, consider trying to do larger sets of a lower amount of weight using a heavy household object. Just make sure to be safe and don’t try to push yourself in a setting where you could do serious damage. A workout bench like the one Jay uses above is nice, but not necessary to finish this workout. Any household chair or stool could easily be utilized to support your weight during weighted push-ups or other lifts. This is a great example of a workout that can really be transferred and applied to anybody’s house, so what are you waiting for?

Consider this an opportunity to get in touch with what really matters about fitness. For thousands of years, from the Vikings to the Spartans to the Moors, warriors and strongmen of all eras worked out without fancy equipment. All you need is your own body and the determination to succeed. Do you have those things? If you do, then you’re good to go.

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