Jeremy Buendia Ruptures Achilles For Second Time, Shuts Down 2024 Season Following Surgery

Olympia Return

Jeremy Buendia will focus on recovery and hitting the stage in 2025.

Jeremy Buendia has battled injuries this year and announced that he re-tore his Achilles and will be shut down for the remainder of the 2024 season.

In April, Buendia tore his Achilles for the first time during an accident while running. He underwent surgery and was hopeful to return this year but another accident halted all progress.

“Unfortunately, last Sunday I re-ruptured my Achilles. My wife and I took my daughter to the park. We were there for about an hour, everything was great. I was on my knee scooter and my daughter made a beeline for the street. Instinctually, I went after my daughter on my knee scooter. I was telling her to stop and I hit a piece of bark on my knee scooter and it tipped me off and I landed right on my bad foot and I heard it just rip.”

Buendia went to the hospital following the incident to get a full report on his injury.

Jeremy Buendia Talks Ruptured Achilles

Jeremy Buendia began discussing the results once he got checked out at the hospital. Doctors explained how the damage to the tendon was worse this time around.

“Went to the hospital, got an MRI done. It showed that I ruptured it not only horizontally, but I also tore it vertically as well. I had surgery again this previous Tuesday. The surgeon went in and she fixed it once again. She said the damage was a lot more significant time time.”


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The surgeon told Buendia that his tendon was shredded and started curling up. During surgery, doctors took a tendon from the big toe on his right foot, which helped strength the area and has better blood flow than the actual tendon.

Buendia is one of the most successful Men’s Physique bodybuilders. He dominated his Mr. Olympia category from 2014 to 2017. He took a hiatus from competition following his appearance at the 2018 Olympia but made his return to the stage last year. Buendia finished eighth in Men’s Physique during the 2023 Olympia. Now, he will take time off to recover from surgery and prep for 2025.

“With that being said, the 2024 competition season looks like it’s going to be a wrap for me. I’m just going to be focusing on getting myself healthy again and setting myself up for a good year next year.”

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